Thursday, May 27, 2010

End of Spring '10 Semester

Again, a lot has happened since I last really blogged. I'm such a procrastinator on blogging now, hehe.

Again, somehow our bake sale ended up on a semi-cloudy day with windy gusts ever so often, haha! Not as well planned as last time, but we still made about the same amount as the last bake sale as well, which is over $300. The bake sale was spring themed so that's why we have little fake flowers scattered all over our gorgeous table of goodies.

Look at all those yummy baked goods ;)

For OCTH 202, we had our last case study presentation on May 3rd. We basically scored 149/150, whoohoo! Instead of our whole group standing up there rattling off details & intervention strategies, we decided to bring our client, Zoe & her family to life by roleplaying in front of the class! Since Zoe was a well-to-do lady, we had to name our Brady bunch as high maintenance, haha. We had a total blast with our presentation & so did our audience. What other time would I get away wearing a tiara, pigtails & carry a teddybear around in a professional concepts class? ;)

OT Spice Girls tranformed into the High Maintenance Brady Bunch

On May 7th, Gary Karp, author of "Life on Wheels" came to SJSU to speak as sponsored by SOTA. Our class had to read his book & it was way more inspiring to hear Karp in person than reading his book. He was an absolute pleasure to talk to & get to know. I met him at the beginning & he remembered my name at the very end when he was signing my book! I really hope that he comes back next year & speaks to our department again through SOTA because he is simply an amazing individual to hear speak.

Gary Karp with everyone who came to hear him speak!

Out of a whim, Vinh wanted to go to a park & somehow came up with the idea to go to one in Los Gatos. As long as he drove, he heard no complaints from me. He ended up choosing Vasona Lake & off we went. After getting slightly lost in Los Gatos, we found our way to the park. Vinh saw that the park had kayak rentals & persuaded me to do it with him, haha. First time kayaking for the both of us & it really wasn't so bad at all (that is 'til a few days later when the pain in the arms sets in). It was a sunny day with a slight breeze so it was perfect for beginner kayakers, hehe. We ended the day by going to Starbucks to get in on the last frappuccino happy hour (50% off fraps), yummy.

Before all the pain set in a few days later...

May 17th marked the very last class of my undergraduate career (even though it was a graduate class), whoohoo! We ended up making magnets again like we did the very first semester of the OT program, this time with our mission statements on them. Now I have two magnets to remind me & motivate me through graduate school & on! As with every group, I had to have my group photo with my OT Spice Girls, best group I ever worked with :)

OT Spice Girls: who's who? ;)

Basically, it was just meeting up with Professor Koketsu to talk about how you did during the semester & discussing your professional development evaluation. You can read about it [here].

I am officially done with my undergraduate career & going to be a graduate student for next year! Bring on the Bachelors graduation this Sunday :)

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  1. that must have been the best class project ever!!! The pictures of you girls are so cute! 149/150 heck ya!!!!
    I remember you telling me about reading Gary Karp's book. That's awesome that they got him to come speak in person. and major plus for remembering your name!!

    your kayak trip looked SUPER fun!!! and you didn't drown!!!! rofl

    The OT Spice Girls pic is totally cute!!! haha love Merdith *rawr*
    ***ooooo tell me what ya want what ya really really want I wanta I wanta really really really wanna make ya ahhh***

    YAHOOOOO Annie is no longer an undergrad!!! Congrats smartypants!!
    love yas!