Monday, May 24, 2010

Professor Koketsu

Today was my official last day as an undergraduate student before graduating this Sunday! I did not have to show up to my last final, but I decided to since I wanted to pickup all my graded papers & meet with Koketsu to discuss my professional development evaluation.

My session with her was only a few minutes, but it really made me happy & feel good about myself. Basically, she said something to the effect of "Whenever I see group assignments & I see your name, I think that that group is lucky to have you. You always help improve the group to your standards. You're very good at getting people to do things when they don't want to." She continues to say that "You have always had a high level of standards for everything you've done & you've always been in the top 3% in my classes. You are really good at documentation." In my first semester of the program, I was put into a group that did not mesh with my personality (getting things done early) at all. My teacher was referring to that group & how I made the group meet my standards instead of lowering my standards to meet theirs. She said I had a gift of getting people to do something without hurting them or making them feel like they're forced to do it.

I have always received good remarks from teachers throughout my school life, but I think this has really hit the spot for me. I think it affirms that what I'm doing here in the occupational therapy program is what I'm meant to do. Out of all my professors, I think that Koketsu understands me the best & she always gives me constructive comments & critiques throughout to help me better improve myself. I am so thankful to have had Koketsu as my professor for three of my classes. I feel as if she is like my "OT mommy/mentor" & I am sad that she won't be teaching any classes in the graduate program. However, I plan to keep in contact with her because she is an amazing occupational therapist, mentor & person in general :)

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  1. Professor Koketsu sounds so nice!!! It was really good that you went to get to hear her comments! Her comments ring true to other aspects of yoru life as well. You are very good at getting others to help out or get involved. You are a very outgoing person who is always upbeat and fun to be around!!!
    It's sad she won't be teaching any classes for next year but it's good that you are going to keep in contact with her. :)