Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Annie turns 23!

For my 23rd birthday, I chose to spend it in the beautiful Monterey area. After grabbing some food items for lunch, Vinh drove Sonya, Steve & I to Pebble Beach, where we start our journey on the 17-mile drive. The day was not too cold or too hot so it was absolutely perfect to be out to enjoy the beautiful scenic drive we were about to embark on in Pebble Beach.

Group photo @ the beginning of the 17-mile drive

The views were absolutely gorgeous, especially the view of the ocean! We stopped for lunch at the first beach we got to that actually had tables to eat at. We basically devoured our lunches. there were seagulls & crows there so Vinh threw a flaming hot potato chip at them. That started luring all the birds over to our table & Sonya kept on feeding her "pet birds." She'd be the old lady with cats 'cept with birds, haha!

Kiyore & I @ Stormy Sea

Cute little squirrel @ Bird Rock

Candid photo by Vinh @ Bird Rock

Group photo @ Fanshell Overlook, my favorite spot!

Another memorable point would be Fanshell Overlook because it is my favorite stop out of all the stops on the 17-mile drive. This is the area where you can see a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean as well as go on a little beach where there are beautiful seashells scattered all around. I ended up find a tiny intact abalone shell, which is pretty rare nowadays, so I figured it was the ocean's birthday present for me.

Vinh & I looking out @ the Pacific Ocean [taken by Sonya]

Group photo @ the Ghost Tree

After finishing up the 17-mile drive in Pebble Beach, we took the Carmel gate to exit & decided to spend some time at Carmel beach. Originally, we were going to stay to watch the sunset, but it was so foggy that we decided against it. Instead, we flew my dragon kite, played in the water, tossed around a frisbee & took ridiculous jumping photos before heading into the little town of Carmel.

Sonya & I @ Carmel beach [Vinh in the background]

The group @ Carmel beach

Our shadows with June 2, '10 written in the sand!

While in Carmel, Sonya suggested we stop by this cute little candy shop before heading to our destination for dinner. I ended up spending $1 to buy 5 pieces of these fruit rolls that were sprinkled with the sour sprinkles. I wish I bought more now because they were so yummy! Definitely have to dropby next time & buy more than just $1, hehe.

The cute little candy shop in Carmel

With our candied goodies in hand, we headed to our final destination: Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey! I wanted to have dinner at the wharf since we're next to the ocean & why not enjoy fresh seafood, right? After the men tried out almost every sample of clam chowder possible, we decided to eat at Domenico's.

View from my seat in Domenico's Restaurant

As soon as we sat down, we knew that this place was more on the expensive side, but it didn't matter because we would not be doing this very often anyways. Since it was my birthday, I decided to order a dessert wine & it was like candy, I loved it! The men decided to order fried calamari & clam chowder as appetizers & they were absolutely delicious as well. I was certainly getting spoiled in this restaurant, hehe.

Crab & shrimp mango salad - $21.95

After the appetizers were done with, the main courses came out. I ordered the $21.95 crab & shrimp mango salad [most expensive & meaty salad I have ever ordered] & I was absolutely floored by how pretty the presentation was! I didn't want to dig in & eat it because it was so pretty. After getting over it, I dug in & took a bite & I could not believe how light, fresh & tangy everything tasted! It was like the perfect seafood salad & everyone else at the table agreed! Feeling rather full after only eating about half my salad, the waiter came back with a tray of sample desserts & asked us if we would like to order any. We decided to order the tiramisu to share since we all could not stomach one by ourselves.

Surprise! Free vanilla ice cream with strawberries & a birthday candle!

Our delicious tiramisu, yum!

When the waiters brought our dessert out, they also brought out a free vanilla ice cream with strawberries & a birthday candle for me! They sang happy birthday for me & the people around us all clapped & said "happy birthday!" I made a wish before blowing out the candle, don't worry. We downed our two desserts & walked out very happy & very full! We waddled back to the car & drove home afterwards & saw the beautiful sunset from the car. Steve opened the window to take a photo & almost lost his camera because Vinh was going like 90mph, lol! That concluded my birthday so that you to Vinh, Sonya & Steve for making my 23rd so much fun :)

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  1. oooo Monterey!!!!!!! jealous!!
    rofl Sonya and her "pet birds" she'll be the bird woman from Mary Poppins singing "toppins a bag"

    kiyore looked so handsome in the pics!
    give him a hug from me! I miss him!

    oooo how awesome to find a rare seashell on your bday!!!

    You went to Carmel too?!
    ooo you have to take me to the little candy store!! It looks like something right out of a disney movie or enchanted... too bad james marsden wasn't there *giggles*

    that plate of food looks delicious!!!
    expensive but it is totally worth it on special occasions!

    ROFL at Steve almost losing his camera...

    Glad you had sucha great bday!!!