Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bachelors Convocation 2010

On May 30, 2010 at around noon, I have officially graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in occupational therapy. I am so honored to be a part of the planning committee for our class' graduation. It was held at Fowler Creek Park near Evergreen & it was absolutely beautiful there. Played a little frisbee with Meridith, Vinh, Devin & her brother-in-law. It was very interesting playing in heels & wearing a big ol' cum laude honors medal, haha.

We had Dr. Pendleton, Gigi Smith, Dr. Wynn & Professor Koketsu came to celebrate with our class & to pass out our certificates of completion. After our name has been called, we got a hug from each of the professors, hehe. Dr. Pendleton called my name & then saw my medal & was all "Oh, you have a medal, why isn't your name marked with honors? *turns to microphone* She also graduated with cum laude honors!" Our class had the biggest turnout of loved ones to attend a convocation so go OT All-Stars!

After getting my certificate & hugs from our faculty!

After everyone received their certificates, we took massive amounts of photos. When all the class photos were done, three of our classmates performed with Jonathan on the keyboard, Becky on the violin & Holly with her gorgeous voice. They performed "Lean on Me" & "Don't Stop Believing," which is quite appropriate for our class.

With Professor Koketsu, one of my favorite teachers!

Presenting the graduating class of 2010

Meridith & Charlene, love you girls!

My supporters & the best friends ever: Steve, Helen, Samantha, Vinh & Sonya

With Dr. Wynn, Dr. Pendleton & Professor Koketsu

With the best advisor ever, Gigi!

Tons of photos & the performance, we were all finally able to eat the food from our potluck. We took a bottle of sparkling apple cider for our group, hehe. We hung around & helped cleaned up before leaving. I picked up my message envelope so thank you to everyone that wrote me a note, love y'all! Also, thank you to Vinh, Sonya, Steve, Helen & Samantha for attending my graduation, you guys are the best!

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  1. I'm so proud of you Annie!!! You looked beautiful! You deserved to have a fantastic day with your mentors, family, and friends. It was nice to see the pics and put faces with the people you had been talking about for so long! :) YAY!!! So happy for you!!! It's a great accomplishment!!