Friday, June 25, 2010

Beginning of Summer 2010

I am so bad at blogging these days, har har. Here are the major happenings after graduation not including my birthday.

On June 6th, my family & Steve went to Pan Tao to have dim sum. The occassion was that our childhood friend, whom we haven't seen in 15 years, & his family were coming to see all of us again. News was that they moved back to the United States. We had the impression that the guy was tall & handsome so when we saw him walk in the restaurant, we were shocked because it wasn't what we expected at all (at least the us kids). Steve basically 1UP-ed him in height & in good looks. It was very awkward since only our parents talked & the kids just kinda chitchatted in our own group. It was too awkward to talk across the table, especially when there wasn't anything to talk about. We later found out that after all these years, we had been calling him the wrong name. We'd always called him Billy, but his name was Bailey! Got to love Asian parents not being able to say names properly, haha!

Steve, Bailey, me, Helen, Irene & Lonnie

On June 6th, Sonya & I decided to hit up the art & wine festival in Sunnyvale. We found honey sticks! How we love honey sticks, haha. I ended up buying $3 worth (4 for $1) & mostly raspberry-flavored because they are amazing. We basically walked around & I ended up falling in love with an pink & silver ear cuff that I bought for $10. Afterwards, we hit up the NASA tent before going to the food are to buy teriyaki chicken kababs & lemonade for lunch. No, we didn't have any wine or beer. When we finished lunch, we decided to go back to my place to watch The Hangover & Love Actually.

Sonya & I with the spaceman ;)

The kiddies area, haha!

On June 13th, I tagged along with Vinh & his cousins Conic & Hoang to Half Moon Bay. It was a hot day at home, but when we got to the beach, it was rather chilly. While I tried to keep warm by sunbathing, the guys were playing frisbee & whatever else. We got stuck in major traffic while trying to get back onto 280-S, but we got home safely, haha!

Gorgeous HMB Francis state beach

Next post will be after I get back from Sin City!

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  1. omg I'm sooo laughing at you for calling him Billy all these years. Must have been awkward when he was finally like.. yo my name is Bailey. ROFL
    yup steve has 1uped him O:)

    AHHHH honey sticks I haven't had those in years!!!!! they are so fun! I've only ever had plain though! ooo I love teriyaki chicken kabobs too :P

    I don't believe I've seen Love Actually or The Hangover! You've 2 uped me! lol

    ROFL the beach where you called me freezing to death, it's beautiful though ;)