Wednesday, July 7, 2010

28MEME - Days 1-7

Day 1 - Best friend

Sonya, my bestie since the 7th grade. I believe we met first in Mr. Schneider's science class. Anyhoo, this girl has been with me through everything thus far including crushes, my Asian phase, badminton & other dorky things we get ourselves into. I do not think my middle school life & on would have been as enjoyable had I not had my bestie with me :)

Paula & Louise! The P & L to PAL! We met through myspace & through the greatest movie ever, Tristan & Isolde. We quickly became great friends & we were finally all together in one spot on July 1, 2009! We have gotten ourselves into dorky situations & have met Gavin DeGraw together as well as a fake Leonardo DiCaprio & getting lost in Arkansas. I cannot imagine life without these two because it just wouldn't be any fun without my Stalkers Inc. girls ;)

Day 2 - Your crush

James Franco is DEFINITELY bringing sexy back *drool* He is almost perfect! If only he stopped smoking & didn't have a long-time girlfriend, haha. He is in the leading role of my favorite movie, Tristan & Isolde. His smile is absolutely drool-and-eye-googling-inducing to me. Marry me? ;)

I would list plenty more, but this'll be a super long blog already so James Franco will do! If you really want to know more of my crushes, just comment saying so!

Day 3 - Your parents

My daddy Kong & mommy Sze. Both parents immigrated from Asia for a better life & everything they have done has always been for the good of their children's futures. My dad would have been a doctor had we lived in Washington instead of California, but my mom hated the idea of living there. My dad is really book smart, but also quite opinionated & thinks he's always right. We always end up arguing over something dumb, but he ends up winning because I give up trying to argue, haha. My mom, on the other hand, only had a little vocational schooling, but she is street smart for sure. People have said that I get my book smarts & my stubborn attitude from my dad & my creativity from my mom. They both have their opinions about how I should live my life, but they do everything they can so that I can be happy :)

Day 4 - Your siblings (or close relatives)

Helen & Lonnie are my biological sisters. We're all 3 years apart & all born during the summertime (good timing parental units). You can say we're close & & also not-so-close depending on the situation. We definitely get on each other's nerves seeing as how we all share one bedroom our whole lives, but for the most part we get along. No humungo sibling rivalries here thankfully.

Steve is basically like a little (though he's taller) brother to me. We grew up in the same condo complex so basically I knew him since he was in diapers (since he's 3 years younger). I remember I'd always yell at his window to see if he wanted to come out & play with us downstairs (he lived on the upper level). We'd throw berries & tiny rocks into in balcony & at his bedroom window to get his attention, lol! We were the 4 kiddos of our condo complex & we'd play together all the time, whether it was at his place, my place, in the parking lot, on the lawn, or at the playground at our elementary school :)

Day 5 - Your dreams

Become a licensed & registered occapational therapist! I've only been slaving away in college for the past 5 years & still have 1.5 years left with grad school & 2 internships left to get to this goal. I mean, it's THE best major in the world. You help people, work with other professionals, do arts & crafts &, most importantly, you have fun! I knew from the moment that I heard about this major that it was perfect for me. It's like a mix of being a healthcare professional, a teacher & an artist. Also, the motto for our profession is to help others live life to the fullest, which is also my motto so perfect!

Getting married to the love of my life has always been a dream of mine, thanks Disney classics! Ever since I was little, I wanted to find my prince charming & we'd go off to live happily ever after. Of course, all the classics never told about the other side of happily ever after, but no matter. I've always wanted an outdoor wedding during late spring or early summer in a gorgeous garden with our closest family & friends. I haven't decided if I want to wear the white wedding dress or a qipao (Chinese dress), hehe. Of course, I'm just waiting for loverboy to pop the question first ;)

Day 6 - A stranger
Not sure what we'd have to write about a stranger, but I love people watching, especially strangers. It is very entertaining to watch people as they walk by in their daily lives in their own thoughts. You see little quirks in everyone whether it's a child with his or her favorite toy, a student rushing to their class, a wheelchair user struggling to open an un-automated door, etc. Guess you can say I like observing people :)

Day 7 - Your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/love/crush
Gabriel Wong wasn't a boyfriend or a love, just a crush I suppose. He sat in front of me in PE during our freshman year. I have no idea why I liked him, but maybe it was cuz he was nice to me & he happened to sit near me all the time due to our last names being the same. Anyhoo, I asked him out & he said yes & then he kind of ignored me after that. Then during Xmas break, he send me an email saying we shouldn't date & that was the end of that. Thanks loser because after that, I've met Vinh :)


  1. You did such a better job at this than I did! LOL. Great pictures and answers! I'm about to start a new meme sometime in the next few days, it should be fun! :)

  2. Oh and btw, I opened up a blogspot blog JUST FOR YOU! ;D & I must admit, I'm confused! lol