Wednesday, July 14, 2010

28MEME - Days 8-14

Day 8 - Your favorite internet friend

Err... That's a toughie! Technically I met Paula & Louise online first & since they're my besties, they're my favorites! It's all thanks to a movie called Tristan & Isolde (on the TV screen). But I heart all my internet friends that I've grown to know on myspace, livejournal & Secret Obsessions *hugs* ;)

Day 9 - Someone you wish you could meet

Honestly, I would LOVE to meet Lady Gaga! Why? She is a gal who is not afraid of what anyone thinks about her & she's just being herself. In a world that judges all the time, I think she is absolutely amazing. She also supports the LGBTQQIA community which I strongly support as well. Plus, I love her music & think she'd be a really cool person to hang for a few hours.

Day 10 - Someone you don't talk to as much you'd like to

Let's start this off with my anatomy nerds, GJen & Jillipino! I miss you two mucho, classes just weren't as fun without the two of you & neither was breaks inbetween classes. My favorite memories: ditching anatomy lab to meet William Hung, digiti minimi, our anatomy tree (which we still have to do) & the lovely ferris wheel in Xmas in the Park! We definitely have to try (& succeed) in hanging out together soon.

I also miss seeing my humanities honors gang (Oliver, James, Alan, Diana, Xuan, Minh, Samantha & Christine) everyday! It's been like 3 years since we've all "graduated" from humanities honors, but we were like family for the first 2 years of college! Sucks how we all have different majors & graduated at all different times. Many times I have tried to get the gang back together for lunch or something, but it tends to fall through nowadays *sigh*

Day 11 - A deceased person you wish you could talk to

This was a very hard decision, but I have chosen Michael Jackson! Why? This man was the most influential person in the music industry & pop culture as we know it today. I grew up listening to his music & being completely scared of his "Thriller" music video. I would love to just sit down with him & listen to him talk about his life. I don't want to hear the media bashing him & all that junk. I want to get to know the true MJ & I think he'd have amazing stories to tell. I would also ask him to teach me some dance moves because who better to learn from than the master himself? ;)

Day 12 - The person you hate most/caused you a lot of pain
I don't "hate," but I do strongly dislike. I would actually say that the person that caused me the most pain would be my fourth grade physical education teacher, Coach Kay. I despised PE because of him. I was sick one day so my teacher wrote me a note telling him that I was going to sit out along with another guy in my PE class. I gave Coach Kay the note & he said "Are you injured? You can still walk & breathe & move so you should be able to participate. You are weak & useless." Obviously, if you tell a kid that I'm pretty sure it'll stay with them for a while. Too bad he got replaced the following year, haha! From then on, I rocked in PE so guess he didn't know squat about potential!

Day 13 - Someone you wish could forgive you
Whenever this topic comes to mind, it always goes back to Annie Liou (we'll call her Annia from now on). Basically Annia hated Josh (I'll save you the long story). Annia moved down to SoCal in the middle of our highschool years so I haven't seen her since. Back in winter break of 2006, I was hanging out with some highschool friends, including Josh. He said he wanted to apologize to Annia & I thought he was serious so I gave him her cell phone number. After that night, I found out Josh gave her number to some of his friends & they kept bugging her. Needless to say, she has cut all ties with me since then even when I said sorry.

Day 14 - Someone you've drifted away from
Honestly, a lot of my highschool buddies. I know that we've all went our separate ways because we've all gone to different universities. I guess I'm not bitter about it though since we've all had different experiences throughout college that we've grown apart. Things change afterall :)


  1. Great answers, Annie! Seriously, you are doing so much better on this than I did! I always love your pictures, you look so cute and happy! I want to meet Lady G too! You'll probably meet her before me and of course, I'll be jealous, just like when you met Gavin. haha

  2. awww I'm jealous of your meme! rofl mine is all one word answers cause I am boring and couldn't come up with cute pics/stories
    I so knew you'd pick mj to meet! Lady GaGa is a unexpected but very good choice!!! Love yas :)