Monday, July 26, 2010

Pool, Great America & a Baby Boy!

Alright, so here's a mini update of what I've been up to!

For anyone that knows me, you know that I cannot swim for the life of me! I hate going under water & getting my ear canal filled with water because it just won't funnel out & I freak since I can't hear anything well. So it'd be amazing that I ever went near the pool, let alone get in it. Vinh convinced me to go play in his apartment complex's pool on July 17th & I went under like three times while plugging up my ears. Anyhoo, it was a cool relief from the heat so I can't complain 'cept for the part about smelling like pool for the rest of the day...

Vinh & I after playing in the pool

On July 24th, Vinh's aunt's company had their annual company picnic at Great America. She decided not to go, but she bought 3 tickets for Vinh, Conic & I to go for the day. Right after going through the entrance, we ran into Lucy, Charlie Brown & Snoopy of the Peanuts gang! I made Vinh take a photo with me, haha!

Vinh & I with Lucy, Charlie Brown & Snoopy!

After hanging with the Peanuts gang for a little, Vinh & Conic went to go on Top Gun while I waited 30 minutes for them. Then we headed to the picnic area for the company to get some lunch. Vinh & I decided to go buy the $10 tickets for Gilroy Gardens since they were cheap, hehe. Then I got in line to get a henna tattoo. I ended up getting a heart with a peace sign in it & OT written underneath that on the innerside of my forearm. Afterwards, we walked around & ended up in Snoopy's area.

With a Snoopy statue

I wanted to take a photo with every Snoopy statue we could find, but only found two. Can you tell I used to love Snoopy as a kid? Anyways, we decided to get on Sally's Love Buggies ride. Basically, you get in a car & pump [using 2 levers] to make the car go up & down. It was hilarious cuz the kids were catching up to us because our car was heavier than theirs was.

After finishing up Snoopy's area, we took the ride that took us to the other side of the park so that we can play those amusement games that are super hard or rigged. We first played a water shooting game & it's basically a race to see who shoots the most water to reach the top first. Vinh won out of the three of us & he got me a Shaymin [legendary Pokemon] stuffed animal, hehe. Then Vinh & Conic decided to go try out the stupid ladder game to win those humungous stuffed animals. Basically, you have to climb up the ladder without it flipping over & push the buzzer at the top. Conic ended up getting to the top & winning a huge banana, haha!

Vinh playing the ladder game...

...but his cousin won the game & big prize!

Vinh & Conic decided to go on Vertigo before leaving the park so they left the huge banana for me to watch while they went to wait in line. 30 minutes later, they finished & I wanted to see the Snoopy on Ice show. So we went inside to watch the ice show before leaving & it was super cute!

Peanuts gang on ice!

On July 24th, Henry & Christy had their little 8-pound baby boy, Ryan James. Henry invited us to visit him at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center so we decided to do just that on the 25th. Ryan James is a little looker! Vinh held a baby for the first time & by the time he passed Ryan James to me, he woke up & started bawling, haha! It's all good because he just wanted to go to his mommy & sleep :)

Vinh holding Ryan James :)

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  1. rofl smelling like pool

    aww I never liked peanuts but I loved snoopy and that little bird

    totally laughing at the kids catching ip to you cause your car was heavier

    the huge banana that is hilarious!!! I've never actually seen anyone ever win one and then you got stuck watching it hahahaha

    ryan james is sucha a cutie :)

    glad you had fun at the park I knew you'd find cute photo ops ;)