Sunday, June 27, 2010

SF Pride 2010

On June 27, Steve, Vinh & I boarded Caltrain bright & early so that we could go take part at the San Francisco Pride Parade & Celebration with the rest of the LGBTQQIA community. Our train got delayed & then the buses in SF were also delayed because of the parade. We eventually got to the Civic Center where SF Pride was taking place. We decided to walk around & look at all the booths instead of trying to watch the parade because there were so many people that I was too short to see anything anyways.

Our first encounter was with the Smirnoff booths & they were promoting their new flavors. They were passing out black tank tops with a cool Smirnoff logo on it, which I got, as well as rainbow-colored wrist bands. After walking around for a bit, we ran into the "condom fairy" & she had a display of all different kinds of condoms, haha! I loved the condom fairy, she was pretty darn cool & she loved how tiny I was, hehe.

Miss Condom Fairy & I

Afterwards, we ran into the transgendered versions of the Charlie's Angels. They were certainly an interesting bunch. They are on the web, but I didn't wanna go look them up because it may be adult-rated, lol.

Aren't they fabulous? ;)

Shortly after this, we ran into our first naked person encounter! There were lots of people, both men & women, in their birthday suits walking around enjoying the celebration. Surprisingly, I wasn't too phased by that at all, haha. After collecting many random stickers ("got sperm?" & "get a room!"), buttons (support gay marriage, LGBT equality in South America), a flag & quite a few condoms, we headed to a Vietnamese restaurant for some lunch.

We walked around to finish up all the booths & then headed to the main stage almost 1.5 hours early so that we can see the Backstreet Boys perform, whoohoo! While waiting, we all got sunburnt & sweated like pigs because there was no shade whatsoever. The Backstreet Boys finally got on stage after like a 10-minute delay & the crowd went totally nuts! I somehow ended up getting pushed up to the front row, which was AMAZING for me because I got to see my boys perform up close & personal! I was in the third row & then I asked this dude if I could stand in front of him since his stuff was in the way & a tall dude blocked my way. He totally let me stand in front of him & then a fellow BSB fan pushed me into her spot in the front row so I can see the boys in all their glory! They performed "Straight Through My Heart," "I Want It That Way" & "Quit Playing Games" (acapella). I wished they'd perform longer, but they had to go get ready for their concert later that night.

Howie, AJ, Nick & Brian performing "I Want It That Way"

Right after BSB performed, we had to hightail it out of there so that we can get home to rest. Unfortunately for us, the buses still were delayed so we decided to walk, but we got lost. We ended up walking quite a way before finally stopping to get on a bus back to the train station. Instead of getting back around 6pm, we got home at like 8pm.

It was definitely a very interesting & amazing experience to go attend the SF Pride event. There was simply so much love for the LGBTQQIA community & I loved being a part of their 40th year celebration. I probably won't participate in another any time soon because it was so crazy, but it was worth being sunburnt & being mega tired! :)


  1. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Pride is SO much fine, isn't it? So glad you had a blast!!! :D

  2. OMG! The BSB's are still lookin' good! looks like you had a great time! :P

  3. Jennifer11:38 PM

    BSB is awesome! ♥