Sunday, July 4, 2010

Waking Up In Vegas

At around 1:30am, Vinh & I left San Jose to set off on our 6-hour drive down to Placentia in SoCal. I drove the first 3 hours while Vinh snoozed away & then we switched off when we had to stop for gas. We arrived at Placentia at around 7am so we slept in the car until 8am, when Vinh's dad woke us up so that we can go into his friend's house to freshen up for breakfast. Afterwards, we loaded our stuff in his dad's rental car. I was introduced to Vinh's stepmom afterwards & right away, both men were like "who's taller?" & proceeded to make us both stand side-by-side to check. I was taller than his stepmom, but whatever, haha.

We went to Little Saigon to eat breakfast at a com tam [rice plate] restaurant. While Vinh's dad was getting cash from the bank, the rest of us went to buy snacks for our 4-hour drive to Vegas. I bought my beloved green waffles, yum! After breakfast, we headed toward Vegas. We stopped at the Barstow Outlets, which I bought a cute light brown shirt for $3. I somehow lost my pink crystal ear cuff though, which I'm bummed about, but c'est la vie, right? We arrived at our hotel at around 4pm, which was the time our check-in was scheduled anyways!

2 queen beds in our bedroom

When we got in into our suite, it was simply amazing! There were 2 bedrooms: one with a king-sized bed for his parents & 2 queen-sized beds for us! On his parents' side, they had a hot tub! We had the regular bathroom, poo. The suite also came with a kitchen complete with china, knives, fridge, microwave, dishwasher, the works. We also had a little dining room & a living room with a TV & stereo system.

After resting for about an hour, we drove through the strip on our way to the Palms hotel for dinner. We wanted to eat at the Little Buddha, but it was closed for a private party. We settled for a Mexican restaurant next door. I ordered the spicey shrimp salad & boy, it was hella spicey!

My yummy spicey shrimp salad

When we were through with dinner (service was sooo slow), we decided to walk around the strip a little bit. We parked behind Bally's & got on the tunnel escalator thingy that brought us out to the strip.

Vinh & I in the Bally's tunnel

After returning to the Wyndham, we headed upstairs to escort Vinh's parents back to the room. Then Vinh & I decided to head to the main lobby to get a drink at the bar before calling it a night. Vinh got their special Malibu Surfer while I ordered a Sex on the Beach. Our bartender Steve was very nice & was a pleasure to chat with. After we finished our drinks, we headed back to shower & finally get some well-deserved sleep.

Vinh & I woke up at like 11am quite refreshed after at least 10 hours of sleep. Vinh called his dad to see if his parents wanted to eat lunch together since they disappeared already. Vinh introduced a new tropical fruit to me called mangosteen & I actually liked it :)

Yummy mangosteen

His parents came back around 12:30pm & we went to Chinatown/Little Saigon of Vegas & ate at a Vietnamese restaurant. I ordered rice vermicelli noodles with eggrolls while Vinh & his parents shared 2 dishes. After lunch, Vinh's parents wanted to gamble so we headed to Caesar's Palace. Vinh & I decided to explore Caesar's & ran across their free animatronic show. It was basically about Poseidon wanting to give up his throne, but he had 2 heirs to choose from: his daughter (water) or son (fire). It was pretty cool though you couldn't hear the dialogue too well.

Gorgeous looking $7/scoop gelato @ Caesar's

Animatronic show @ Caesar's

After we finished exploring Caesar's (which took forever), we headed over to the Bellagio because I wanted to see the beautiful garden displays inside. The gardens definitely didn't disappoint though I could do without the giant ants, haha. Vinh & I loved the snail that was covered with flowers though, very creative & pretty!

"OMG, ant attack!"

Pretty flower snail in the background

After oogling over all the beautiful flower designs, we found the dessert place we wanted to try. They had chocolate dripping from the ceiling to the ground & it caught every person's attention. Great way to get people to stopby & buy some sweets. Vinh ordered a vanilla flan & I ordered a key lime. We sat near the window & ate our goodies when his dad called to say that he'd come pick us up. After a few minutes, Vinh's dad could not figure out (or was too lazy) where to get us so his parents left us stranded on the strip. We headed back inside the Bellagio so that we could finish our desserts.

Chocolate drizzling down *drool*

We headed across the street to the Flamingo to go see the wildlife area, which only turned out to be ducks, flamingos (appropriate, no?) & other random birds that you can see back home. Sad to say we were disappointed with the wildlife there. We stopped by a shop & bought these cute 3 for $20 magnetic bracelets that you can turn into necklaces. We then chilled near the bar area to rest our achy feet before walking over to Bally's to look around again. Shortly after we looked around Bally's, Vinh's dad calls to say that we're going to dinner.

His parents ended up choosing Bill's Steakhouse to eat at, which was right across the street from Bally's. Little did we know, we walked into a restaurant & it wasn't the steakhouse. Luckily, the place took the $75 gift certificate that our hotel gave us! I ordered the salmon with a salad & baked potato & that was yummy! After dinner, Vinh's parents wanted to go clubbing, but the idea of clubbing with his parents was weird so we opted to go finish exploring the strip.

We went to explore: the Coca-Cola bottle, M&M World, MGM, New York New York, Excalibur & the Luxor. M&M World was so awesome! It had 4 floors of M&M stuff & I was like a little kid in a candy store (pun not intended)! There were purses made out of M&M wrappers, the M&M NASCAR car, etc. Vinh ended up winning $9 from gambling at the $0.01 slots throughout the night, lucky bum.

Have you heard green M&M's make you horny? LOL!

Vinh's all lady-like, haha!

Vinh's dad was supposed to take us home, but his parents deserted us once again at 1am on the strip. We trudged back to our hotel & we met this girl along the way who just moved back to Vegas from LA. She was trying to be an actress out in LA & her boyfriend is like an accountant for some movie being shot in New Orleans. She didn't want to take the minor role he got her so she moved back to Vegas to get a modeling job for the time being until her boyfriend comes back in September. We said our goodbyes & wished her the best of luck as we reached our hotel & she kept on walking by herself. Vinh & I wanted to go get another drink by Steve, but unfortunately, we ran into Steve in the parking lot because he closed up & was leaving for the night. So we just headed upstairs, showered & went to bed.

We woke up bright & early at 9am so that we could make the checkout time of 10am. What we didn't know is that we could've slept in for another hour because Vinh's stepmom was negotiating & buying timeshares for the hotel that lasted until like 11am-12pm. We basically sat in the lobby drinking their free coffee until she was done. After she was done, we headed back to the Chinatown area to the same Vietnamese restaurant for lunch. I just ordered the spring rolls & a Thai iced tea.

We decided to head down to Fremont Street for a little. There was an amazing spray paint artist there creating works of art in minutes! It was amazing how he just used some regular paint, spray paint & newspaper to create these gorgeous paintings. Since we wanted to get back before we hit traffic we left Fremont Street, filled up the gas & hit the road back to Placentia.

By that amazing spray paint artist!

I have a thing with hippie cars @ Fremont Street

We finally reached Placentia at around 6pm. Vinh's parents wanted us to join them & their friends for dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant, but we backed out because we wanted to go to Downtown Disney to buy something. We said our goodbyes & headed over to Downtown Disney, where I bought our items. We decided to eat at the Cheesecake Factory near Downtown Disney & it was so yummy! I had the shrimp scampi, salmon & mashed potatoes. We decided to order the red velvet cheesecake it was to die for! It was so rich so we took it with us so that we can snack on it on the long drive home in the dark.

Shrimp scampi, mashed potatoes & salmon

Red velvet cheesecake *drool*

We got home in 5 hours at around 4am, but we made great time & had fun laughing at the stupid road signs that were clearly wrong. It said that Sacramento is one mile away from SF, but that's sooo wrong, haha!

Whoever wrote the miles left sign is crazy!


  1. green waffles?! I so need to try!
    gorgeous hotel room!!!!
    yummm sex on the beach!!! okay what is in a malibu surfer?!!?
    i want to try the mangosteen!!!
    it totally looks like a strawberry with a head of garlic in the middle rofl
    the flower gardens were so pretty!!!
    aaaahhhh ahahahahaha his dad left you stranded on the strip rofl!!!!
    awww dude you got to got to the m&m store and see the nascar car! awesome!
    and you found yourself another hippie car to take a pic with!!!
    downtown disney baby!!! yay for adopting more of kiyore's family!!!
    and hello you didn't get me a slice of red velvet cheesecake and somehow manage to get it too me??! THAT looks SO good!!!
    gotta love wrong road signs! they are so helpful no?
    Glad you had a super fun trip! Wish I was with you!!!

  2. I love the beds! WOW! Seriously, so lucky, I've always wanted to go to Vegas! I love the title of your blog, I <3 that Katy Perry song! The food looks delicious and it sounds like you had a wonderful time! :D