Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gilroy Gardens

On July 31st, Vinh & I decided to go to Gilroy Gardens using the $10 admission tickets we bought from the company picnic the previous week. Before we went, we decided to eat lunch at home to save some money. We ended up making tuna sanwiches with my own version of guacamole (avocado, sugar & ripe mango). They turned out delicious, another victory for Annie's random creations!

After lunch, we got ready & left for Gilroy! It took about a half hour to drive there. Once we got there, we realized it was a amusement park for kiddies & their parents, haha! We we're like "we're soooo in the wrong place!" Regardless, we decided to go ride the little train that goes around the entire park.

Vinh & I on the train

We were supposed to stay on the train until we got back to our original station, but we got off halfway through at their next station. We walked towards the Pinnacles Rock Maze & passed by our first weird tree [zigzag] sighting before getting there. Vinh had fun in the rock maze while I navigated our way out. Guess I do have a good sense of direction, haha! After leaving the rock maze, we encountered our second & third weird tree encounter [emblem & chain link].

"I couldn't decide to grow to the left or to the right"

Vinh playing in the mist in the rock maze

"I am the emblem of Sycamore strength"

"Sometimes they call me the 3-2-1 tree"

We briefly walked through the kiddie games area & we so could've won tons of games because they were super easy, but we weren't going to steal the prizes from the kids away. We headed back & went to see the 3 waterfalls they had. We got to go behind one of them & got pelted with huge water drops, haha.

In front of the first waterfall

We went through two of their gardens afterwards as a breather from looking for weird trees. While twisting & turning through the many gardens, we encountered two more weird tree encounters [arch & basket]. We took a break in the conifer garden before heading to go watch the free show because Vinh got cranky.

"I am simple but, oh, so elegant & graceful!"

View of the conifer garden

"I am six sycamores grafted 42 times to make my basket shape"

We should've guessed that the show was centered around kiddie stuff as well, haha. It featured a dancing Clifford the Big Red Dog, lol! They made us dance along since it was National Dance Day as well. Vinh & I were like "wow, we're lame dancing with a bunch of little kids!"

Clifford & friends dancing

When the show finished, we wanted to go paddle boating in one of their swan, mallard or rubber ducky boats, but the line had an insane wait time because they only had like six boats. We decided to go ride the big ferris wheel instead on the right side of the park.

Kisses on the ferris wheel

Afterwards, we headed to the Monarch Butterfly area [which had no butterflies present] to see all the plants inside. There was a tiny "basket" weird tree in there along with an avocado tree [which Vinh was ecstatic over], mango tree, coffee beans bush & lots more. My favorite plant in there was definitely the "bleeding heart" flower. It was so pretty! I want some in my backyard later. After leaving the area, we had our last weird tree encounter [four-legged giant].

Bleeding heart flowers

"I am the oldest but I am in great shape!"

Finally, we left Gilroy Gardens & headed toward Sonic for my long-awaited cherry limeade! I totally upgraded it to Route 44 because I know it's a rare treat, hehe. After we finished eating our yummy food, we left Sonic for home!


  1. Beautiful pictures annie. Sounds like you and your love had a wonderful time.

  2. I've never had guacamole like that! It sounds good :) ahhhh hahaha I'm laughing that you went to an amusement park for kids. Though is sounds like you had a fun time! Especially through the rock maze and the weirdo trees! I want to stand under the mist! I love your outfit!!! Sexy daisy dukes! You look like a total rocker :P I'm really still amazed at those trees and all the grafting and time it took to make them look like that!
    ahhh hahahaha you had to dance with Clifford (I love Clifford) and kids! Super cute pic of you both on the ferris wheel :) ROFL no butterflies present in the butterfly area!! Perfect ending to a fun day with Sonic whoohoo!!

  3. Love the pictures! :)