Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy 8-Year AnnieVinhsary!

Scrapkit Credit: Dinphy

Alrighty, so Vinh couldn't get the day off today at his internship site because they had a lot to get done today. Basically, he went to work while I stayed at his place 'til he got off. After he came home, he picked me up & headed to Olive Garden. Little did we know that it was seriously packed! We went across the street to eat at BJ's instead & it was worth it because we only spent $25 between two people for: a medium-sized pizza, two soups, a regular Oreo pizookie & a peachberry iced tea. Now we're all fatty, haha!

We're going to go play with sparklers a little later :)


  1. Happy Annievinhsary!! awww love the scrapkit!!!! Too bad Vinh couldn't get off but BJ's sounds yummy!! I want a peachberry iced tea :P

    Can't wait to see a sparkler pic!!

  2. awww, regardless i'm glad you guys had a yummy dinner and spent time together! Happy AnnieVinhsary!