Sunday, September 19, 2010

Children's Moon Festival & Jade Buddha

On September 18th, Meridith & I were going to the Children's Moon Festival [Vietnamese] in downtown San Jose. Devin & Vinh decided to come along. Needless to say, the festival was really tiny & boring. The only entertaining thing was that we ran into a booth that was making buttons so we got a special deal from the guy running the booth. We got 2 buttons for $0.25 so I made two buttons for myself. I helped Vinh write on his as well.

Afterwards, we walked back to the car & went to check out Psycho Donuts. The people that work there wear nurse outfits & all the donuts have wacky names. I got the RazVeganPucker & it was yummy! Then we went to a bakery to let Devin & Meridith try some mooncakes before heading home.

Jade Buddha at the center of the room

Later the same night, Vinh & I went to go see the Jade Buddha for Universal Peace. There were a ton of people there, it was pretty darn lively. We watched the monks lead a prayer for a little before heading outside to buy some vegetarian noodles. Vinh put too much spice in it so we were dying from a burning tongue. After finishing our noodles, we headed back in because the prayer was over so that I can get a better photo of the jade statue. It was pretty amazing to see. We left shortly after seeing the statue up close.

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  1. oo cool!! sounds like you had a fun weekend besides all your schoolwork! I want a mooncake and a crazy donut!!! It's so cool you got to go to the festival and be a part of it!! :)