Sunday, September 26, 2010

Moon Festival

Vinh & I ended up not attending Museum Day yesterday so we figured we would check out the Moon Festival [Chinese] activities at Overfelt Gardens Park today. After Vinh woke up from his nap, we decided to walk on over to the park. Boy, walking in 95F weather at the end of September was certainly icky, but it was a lovely day out nonetheless.

Overview of 2 fishies, 2 moon wands & 2 lanterns

Once we got to the festival, we took a look around all the booths before going to buy 10 coupons for $1 so that we can get in on the cool arts & crafts that all the kiddos were doing. Can you believe it, $0.10 per craft? That was totally worth it, especially since Vinh dislikes doing arts & crafts [because he says he's no good at it]. The two of us made 10 things total, which include: 2 lanterns, 2 pom necklaces, 2 fishies, 2 moon wands, a emperor hat & a bookmark.

Moon wands (mine is the pink one)

All of the volunteers were from neighboring high schools & most of the volunteers weren't very helpful in terms of giving directions to the craft at hand. They would rather chitchat with their friends instead of help some of the kids out. Only the girls from the lantern booth were helpful, haha. Overall, it was worth the sweating to see Vinh do arts & crafts & for all the cute things we made :)

Fishie & 2 lanterns (Vinh's lantern in the middle)

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  1. awww those crafts were way worth it!!! they turned out soo cute!!! love the little pic of kiyore *giggles* is that from his younger days or is that kiyora?