Sunday, September 12, 2010

Safe Travels Steve!

My goodbye message for Steve

The night before Steve departs for Japan, we all headed to In N Out for his last meal in the U.S., good choice, right? Two of his friends made it out as well & we all had a fun time. I drove Steve back to his place & we decided to go look at what he packed in his luggage. Boy, he packs more than I ever would *giggle* After a bit, Steve's mom shooed us home because he wasn't feeling too well so he needed to sleep early.

I woke up bright & early so that I would get to Steve's house on time to go with him to the airport with his parents. Sonya swung by to send Steve off & then off we went to the San Francisco Airport. We found a free cart so that we can put all his heavy luggage on it. After readjusting his luggage weight, he checked in, took some photos, videotaped & went through the gate on his journey to Japan. I'll miss you, but have an amazing year abroad little brother & enjoy yourself :)

Steve with his parents before he left for his year abroad!

SALtravelTV if you'd like to follow his adventures abroad!

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  1. ahhhahaha a whole movie to write and it's one of your shortest blogs

    awww Steve will definitely be missed!! but he'll ha ve a great time and experience in Japan! Glad you guys got to hang out before he left! :P