Sunday, October 10, 2010

Open Air Health Fair

This weekend, my classmates & I ran two booths (back safety & bike safety/helmet awareness) for the Open Air Health Fair at the San Jose Flea Market. On Friday, Mike, Jonathan, Charlene, Meridith, Judy & I went to the flea market to start setting up our booths. After an hour and a half of getting parking passes, retrieving table covers & begging for two extra tables, we finished setting up for opening day.

On Saturday (10/9), we were off to a great start. Meridith & I came when we opened our booth to help situate the opening shift before we went window shopping. We saw some cute shirts that we definitely wanted to buy, but decided to wait until Sunday to do so. We returned to the fair at around 1:15pm to grab the free lunch that was offered to all the booth workers. After finishing lunch, Meridith & I walked around the fair & got roped into doing some zumba & boy, was it tiring, but also lots of fun! Totally a workout for sure, haha! We started to work our shift around 2pm. It was super busy, but it was a lot of fun. We had tons of kids coming in to color & play with our bike model. I am sure most parents loved us giving away 3 helmets every hour as well :)

Our bike safety & helmet awareness booth (bike model & helmets for fitting)

Coloring station for the bike safety booth

Jonathan, Jimmy, Double O, Krista, Holly, Cheryl, Vanessa, Meridith & I

On Sunday (10/10), Meridith & I went to Starbucks to meet up with Marjie & Valeen to give them their parking passes before helping the opening shift to setup & start. Afterwards, Meridith & I went back to retrace our steps from yesterday to find those cute shirts we wanted to buy. After a little searching in the horrendous heat, we found the tent that had the cute shirts we wanted! I got a black & purple shirt that can be used as a casual or professional shirt, hehe. We walked around to a few more tents & I bought a gray & pink tank top that looks somewhat professional as well. Then we headed back & worked our bike safety booth until we closed at 4pm.

Our banner surrounded by all the coloring pages various kids did :)

Double O, Mark, Garvey, Charlene, Meridith, Marjie, Fanny, me & Valeen

It was a great experience overall & I had fun for the most part even though I am totally exhausted now :)


  1. awww you got great photos!!! Your booth turned out awesome!!! I totally want to see the shirts you bought! I can't believe how busy your month is! Good luck with the rest of your adventures! :)
    whoo hooo anniebananie!

  2. Phew! Looks like a lot of work! I'm glad you had a great time -- we need more people like you to make the public aware! :)