Monday, October 18, 2010

OTAC Conference 2010

Good golly, what a weekend! After class Thursday night, Devin picked up Meridith, Vinh & I so that we can head down to Pasadena for the OTAC conference. We stopped at Sonic for dinner per my request because I really wanted my cherry limeade, hehe. We arrived at the Travelodge around 1:15am. We checked in & found lovely guests in our room, baby cockroaches! We decided to not change rooms since we already checked in so we checked our beds for bedbugs, got ready & went to sleep (or lack of).

Meridith & I woke up around 7am so that we can get to the conference by 8am. We checked in & went to our first two sessions: licensure for OTs in California & NCBOT examination. They were both a little boring, but at least somewhat helpful for the near future.

Afterwards, Devin & Vinh picked us up so that we can go get lunch together. We went to a sushi place nearby & just had lunch for an hour before we had to go back for our next session. We attended a panel on innovative practice areas for OT, but to our dismay, only two (army OT & visual impairments in peds) were really interesting to us. After that session, Meridith & I went in search of coffee since we could barely stay awake through the panel. We ended up at Starbucks since the free coffee was taken away. We then attended a portion of the keynote address by Florence Clark & left. We sat outside for the exhibit hall to open & met someone who graduated from SJSU in 1975! It was very interesting talking with her about then & now, hehe. Finally, the exhibit hall opened & we got to go inside & get all sorts of goodies. Devin & Vinh came to join us there a few minutes later & they had fun eating the free food, haha.

Meridith & I waiting for the exhibit hall to open

After finishing up the exhibit hall, we headed back to our room so that we could change & get ready to go out with all the OT students later. We ate dinner at Rubio's & then headed back to the Hilton to meet up with our cohort as they got ready for a night out. I ended up taking half a shot of Jameson whisky & that was pretty gross.

OT All-Stars before the night began

All the OT students ended up partying in Old Pasadena for the night. We ended up going to Barney's Beanery, Liv Lounge & Neomeze. We had some of our classmates do karaoke at Barney's Beanery & then headed over to Liv for some drinks & dancing. Vinh ordered some yummy lemon vodka drink & then Devin bought us a shot that tasted like rubbing alcohol, not so yummy. Afterwards, Devin wanted to go buy some cigarettes so we walked around town until we found a cigar shop. Then we headed back to say goodbye to most of our classmates & hit up Neomeze for a bit before I drove everyone back to our hotel.

After I finished showering & feeling revived, the rest of the crew woke up at 11am & we checked out of our room. We went to Jack in the Box for some breakfast/lunch before going to the Arboretum for a few hours. This place is huge, but also very pretty & relaxing after a night of craziness. There was one part of the arboretum that reminded us of Alice in Wonderland & just as we said that, a rabbit dashed across the path in front of us & disappeared (maybe into a rabbit hole). Vinh took two guava fruit with him from the place, haha.

Vinh & his banana tree

Vinh's environmentally-friendly house, haha

Froggie statue in the Arboretum

Pretty part of the Arboretum

After finishing the Arboretum, we headed to Santa Monica beach & pier. It was pretty darn cold, but I still love the beach. Santa Monica beach was the original place for muscle beach, but it moved to Venice beach, which is what we hit up next.

End of Route 66 @ Santa Monica Pier

Sadly, no big muscle men were to be seen, haha. We had dinner at a Mediterranean place & I actually liked the food! Totally different experience from the first time I had Mediterranean food. I had a chicken kabob pita sandwich & it was yummy! After dinner, we started for home & arrived home at around 11:15pm.

Overall, it was definitely an adventure with some new experiences, but I had fun amidst the exhaustion that was kicking in :)

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  1. Your weekend sounded really fun!!! Your classmates look like they'd be fun to hang out with too!
    okay ewww about the cockroaches you found in your room lol yay for no bed bugs. my mom is terrified of them from all the news watching she does *rolls eyes* she's convinced she's gonna buy clothes with bed bugs in them and bring them home. rofl

    Vinh's lemon vodka drink sounds good. I'm not too much of a whiskey fan so I'd pass on that one... bring on the smirnoff ;)

    The arboretum is beautiful!! love the pics!!! so not fair it still looks like spring there here everything is brown and dead lol
    aww darn no muscle men!?! lol how cool you got to the end of route 66. You've been to the middle and the end now we just need to get you to the beginning :) road trip!

    glad you had a great weekend!! missed you!! and so did zak ;) you missed seeing him shirtless sleeping in the stanley :P