Tuesday, October 19, 2010

TA Midterm Evaluation

1 = below standard, 2 = meets standard, 3 = exceeds standard, N/A = not observed

01. prepared for each class (2)
02. communicated with assigned faculty regarding assignments (2)
03. worked independently & took initiative (2)
04. assessed students' needs (N/A)
05. formed positive relationships with students (2)
06. showed restraint & patience when needed (2)
07. gave constructive feedback to students (2)
08. responded to differences in student learning styles (2)
09. showed concern & a desire to help (2)
10. conveyed knowledge to students (2)
11. stimulated independent thinking in students (2)
12. served as a role model (2)

Annie has been consistently well prepared for the class period & actively participates in helping the student's master the content. She conducts herself in a respectful & professional manner within the classroom setting. She is very committed to helping provide a supportive learning environment & took the initiative to help students prepare for the first test. During in-class exercises, Annie is working on improving her ability to foster clinical reasoning. She actively engages student's during the laboratory exercises in class & is working on methods to foster clinical reasoning skills in students. She is scheduled to provide her presentation later in the semester. Annie is a true asset to both this professor & the students in this class. She prepares class questions that foster student understanding of content.


Basically, I needed a 2 or more to pass the class & I've already gotten that for everything 'cept one, yay! I totally didn't expect to get all 2's so I'm really happy that Dr. Wynn really likes me as her TA! She was saying that I was really dependable and a pleasure to have :)

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  1. yay congrats to you and your class!! you smarty pants!!