Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Week of Fun!

This week has been an adventure for sure! I wouldn't have my life any other way though, hehe.

On Wednesday, I got to meet Brenda for the first time! I went to go pickup Brenda from her cute little motel & we headed to the Cantor Museum to go look at some awesome artwork from all different eras and cultures. Our theme for the museum was "it's a drum!" You needed to be there to get that joke, hehe. Afterwards, I took her to downtown Palo Alto originally to go to Satura, but it closed. We went to Haagen Dazs to get ourselves some yummy sweets. We sat outside Haagen Dazs & chatted for a while before I took her back to her motel. I definitely had a fun time, Brenda (it was totally worth skipping class)!

Brenda & I in front of her cute motel

On Saturday, Devin & Meridith picked me up to go to volunteer for Rebuilding Together with all the OT students. Our group was assigned to work on two houses in the mobile home. Meridith & I got assigned to re-paint the trim on one of the houses. We had way too much fun painting the trim. There was some uneven surfaces while painting the trim so I found some wooden duckies that we placed under the 10-feet ladder we had to use. The duckies were definitely got the most useful award, hehe. After we finished painting the trim, we headed to the rest house at the entrance of the mobile home for some lunch. We sat around on some semi-wet grass & ate our pizza with the rest of the OT students before leaving. Devin & Meridith dropped off back at Vinh's so that I can get ready for their party later on.

Most useful award: ducky!

With oil-based paint all over our hands (well Meridith's)

The finished trim for the house

After getting back to Vinh's, I went to take a shower since I had paint all over my hand & I felt gross after volunteering. Then I went ahead & took a nap because getting up at 7am to volunteer at 8am on a Saturday was way too early. After waking up, Vinh & I started getting ready for Meridith's party. I helped splatter red food coloring on his shirt so that it looked like blood splatter since he was going as Jason. I went as a sexy secretary, hehe. We ate dinner real quick & then we were on our way to Meridith's!

Hello, I'm your sexy secretary ;)

Vinh drove us through the twists, turns, fog & rain to Meridith's haunted home. There we met Franco & Lep while Meridith was still getting herself prepped for the party. Devin handed us some jello shots & the blood one (red jello with rum) was yummier than the screwdriver one (orange jello with vodka) because it mixed weirdly. Shortly after Meridith gave us the tour around the house (including Devin's failed attempt to attack & scare me), Helen, Chris, Mona & Andrew arrived. Meridith gave them the same tour & Helen totally screamed when Devin attacked, haha.

Secretary, pirate (Helen) & kitty (Mona)

Shortly after my lovely friends arrived, all the OT-Allstars started pouring on in. Geo showed us how to play Mafia & it was super fun & hilarious! We played 3 rounds total & we could not believe that Meridith was the killer all 3 rounds, haha. I was the nurse in the second round & I actually saved Helen from dying, yay!

The group also played 2 rounds of a drinking game, which I sat on the sidelines watching & laughing. Meridith ended up having to take a ton of shots since she was trying to read the rules of the game & people kept picking on her, haha. I ended up reading the rules after a while since I wasn't playing with them. We all started leaving around 1:40am. Vinh & I went down to the back balcony to take a look before Meridith, Lep & I went back into the house to hide from the rain pelting us. The men came back in & Devin gave us directions to go a safer route home since the rain was so bad. Vinh & I got home around 2:45am & we promptly went to bed.

Secretary, Lep(rechaun) & gothic fairy (Meridith)

Vinh & I woke up at around 10:45am. We went to make lunch before going to do laundry. After putting in the laundry, I did about a page of my quantitative research critique while Vinh was watching his Starcraft vids. We got lazy on this rainy Sunday afternoon & fell asleep for a little over an hour soon after. We woke up & headed to go finish the laundry & then went to eat rice plate for dinner.

Kiyore watching the rain hit the window

That was my fun week, now onto finishing my research critiques which are not so fun!


  1. Heh, your photo is way better than mine :P It was so much fun that day! And your outfit looks hot hot hot! <3

  2. Wait is that THE Brenda from the designing world?! That's totally cool you got to hang out and meet up! That was super cool of your class helping out on the rebuild! You and Meredith end up doing the craziest things together! the party sounded like so much fun! I've never heard of Mafia before but I totally want to play it now! And I've never had a jello shot before! Your costume turned out so cute/sexy! Great idea!

  3. Sure sounds like a fun/busy week! So awesome that you got to meet up with Brenda!!