Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Busy as a Bee!

Where has the time gone?! I guess that's what happens when you're constantly busy with one thing or another. If it's not school, then it's something else that is somewhat related to school. Can you tell my whole life has been consumed by graduate school? ;)

On November 12, half of our classmates did their cultural intervention presentations. Guess what we got to do? We made sushi in class as one of the groups' intervention for their case study! Charlene, Meridith & I fully enjoyed ourselves making California rolls. I got to slice the first roll & Meridith was freaking out that I'd cut her fingers off. My partner has so much faith in me, haha.

Only 2 of our California rolls left

Gigi (our advisor) was begging us to go volunteer at a community health fair for older adults at the Timpany Center in San Jose on the 13th. A few of us from our class decided to help her out & represent OT at the health fair. Basically, the health fair comprised of every department from the College of Applied Science & Art (CASA) & OT is a part of CASA. We all had matching shirts thanks to Gigi & everyone there loved our shirts, yay! Our booth mainly focused on fall prevention which included a home safety checklist & the "Get up & go" screen. I got assigned to the screening & I got to observe the screen once while Meridith was doing the screen. Then I got to do the screen on a gentleman who takes care of his wife who has Parkinson's & a recent total hip replacement. He passed with flying colors, but he was saying that I need to do one step at a time because he was an engineer & that's how his brain worked. It was pretty funny how he went off on that, haha.

Shift #1 @ the Timpany Center

Cammie wasn't pleased when Dr. G put the shirt on her

But look how cute she is :)

Becky, Holly, Sarah, me & Meridith reppin'

Me giving the "get up & go" screen

After my shift was over, Vinh came to pick me up & we went to eat pho. What better food to fight off a cold with for Vinh. Then we headed over to Lion Plaza where we bought some green waffles (it's green-colored & made from a mixture of coconut & batter) as well as dragonfruit. No photos of green waffles because we devoured those, haha.

The oh so yummy dragonfruit

That's my short update about last week! Another blog to follow with details about how my presentation in my TA class went :)


  1. a) cute doggie!!!
    b) I have never seen a dragonfruit...and it's slightly alarming? :P
    c) grad school sure is its own occupation, ain't it?!

  2. wow! you have been a busy bee!!! That was really nice of you guys to go volunteer! whoohoo for super annie!
    That dog in the shirt was so cute!
    and that dragonfruit does look odd! I've never seen one before!
    Here's to hopin your next coming weeks aren't as crazy even though it's getting to be finals season again rofl *hugs*