Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Week

The week of Halloween just flew by literally! It was certainly a very busy week. On Tuesday, SOTA had it's annual Halloween potluck so my OCTH 210 facilitation group decided to take a break from working on our seminar (for Thursday night) to get some food & hang out. Our class definitely had the most fun as usual, hehe. I cannot believe it'll be my last SOTA Halloween potluck ever :(

OT All-Stars @ the SOTA Halloween Potluck

Thursday finally came & my OCTH 210 group was working frantically to get our seminar put together so that we can present flawlessly. Before class started, I had my TA meeting with Dr. Wynn & she gave all her TAs a trick-or-treat goodie bag filled with candy! I love being spoiled by her, hehe. She told us that at the end of the semester, she takes all her TAs out for food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, alcoholic drinks & snacks) depending on our availability. Can you believe how amazingly awesome she is?! :D

Afterwards, I rushed down to class. Dr. Richardson lectured for about an hour before we took a break. I setup my group's powerpoint & youtube video so that we can start right when break was over. I also got to try on Cassandra's brown bear hat that she made & it is super nice (you can check out her site @ Womp-A-Wear)! Overall, out group's seminar went super well that Dr. Richardson didn't have to talk with us after class like all the previous groups (go team)! I was super pleased with all the discussion that was generated during our seminar despite only half the class showing up, hehe.

Wearing Cassie's hat before my 210 presentation

Fast forward to Halloween! Vinh & I basically hibernated a good part of the day away, haha. We woke up at like 10-something, ate lunch & then took a nap from like 1:30pm-3pm. We then went to the Pruneyard in Campbell to go buy 2 pumpkin cheesecakes from Sugar Butter Flour because we've been craving it for a few days. Vinh played a little Starcraft 2 while I was putting on my sexy secretary outfit & then off we went to Chipotle to get a burrito. Chipotle changed their event this year where you had to dress up as a processed food & then you'd get a burrito for $2, which goes to Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. I ended up just paying regular price, ugh... Afterwards, Vinh & I walked around my neighborhood as usual to look at all the Halloween decorations before heading home :)

Jason just wants to be loved!

Jason has a thing for sexy secretaries ;)


  1. yay!! I'm so glad your presentation went well! Congrats for not having to have a talk afterwards! All your preparations must have paid off :) That's super sweet of your teacher to take the TA's out when the semester is over!! I can't imagine many teachers taking the time or expense to do that! So kudos to her! You and Jason look totally cute!! Find any people doing the thriller dance this year? lol
    Happy Halloween!

  2. Jennifer12:04 AM

    I'm glad it went well! u guys look cute for Halloween, we only got 2 treat or treaters!? :/ it was a lame Halloween for us!

  3. Awww, Cammie looks SO CUTE with the shirt on! Call me crazy but I love seeing furbabies wearing clothes, lol.

    All that food is making me hungry! Take a little breather from all that school work! :P

  4. You look SOOOO adorable in that picture with the furry hat and pawprints!

    I love the halloween pics, looks like you guys had a great time! :)