Monday, December 13, 2010

End of Fall '10 Semester

I warn you all now, this blog will contain that last month or so of events since I was too busy to really "update" my blogger during that time period. Now onwards to my mini novel :)

On November 16th, I did my presentation on the Alert Program for the class I TA for. Overall, I think it went really well. I was nervous in the beginning since I haven't done a presentation by myself to a group I wasn't the most comfortable with in a long time. When I got to my first activity with making the engine speedometers, I was surprised at how rigid the class was. All I asked them to do was cut out a semicircle & divide it into 3 parts with a crayon. The students asked to traced mine, others pulled out their goniometer so that they can divide it into exactly equal proportions, it was hilarious! I gave them an extra 5 minutes just so they would stop freaking out, but that didn't happen. I just continued on with my presentation because I had to breeze through everything to make it under 30 minutes.

Powerpoint slides & my awesome engine speedometer!

On November 19th, my group for OCTH 235 did our cultural intervention presentation. Our made up client had AIDS & so we decided to make guacamole & teach her energy conservation techniques that she can incorporate into the activity & all other aspects of her life. I got to play the 5-year old daughter & I wore a side ponytail & had some attitude. Valeen said she loved my little attitude, hehe. We made enough guac for the whole class to have & we had good reviews, yay!

Geo (not in our group), Purvi, Charlene, Sarah, me & Meridith

Our yummy frshly made guacamole

Thanksgiving day was spent writing some small papers for my class so I would have them out of the way by the time I had to do my mini proposal. My mommy cooked up some yummy Asian food for our Asian Thanksgiving dinner. Afterwards, I spent about an hour with Vinh & we went to get some milk tea before I headed home to get ready for Black Friday!

Asian Thanksgiving dinner

After Sonya arrived at my house, we all got ready & headed out around midnight to the Great Mall...bad idea! We should have left way earlier since parking was insanely full. We ended up parking like two blocks away & walking into the mall where all these rabid shoppers were running around. I ended up buying stuff from Sanrio for Paula & Louise there. Then after finishing the Great Mall, we headed to Valley Fair where I bought my new red iPod nano! It's so pretty, I love it. Finally, we were done shopping so we headed to IHOP so that we can replenish energy before heading home.

I woke up 3 hours after getting home so that I could drive all the way to Fremont Healthcare. Vinh needed my camera so that he could take photos for his upcoming presentation. I ended up meeting Meera, the OT at the facility who was an SJSU alumni! She was also Dr. Wynn's TA back in the day, small world, haha!

Lonnie, Sonya, Helen & I out shopping

With Meera, the OT @ Fremont Healthcare

On December 5th, Vinh got fooled by the nice-looking weather outside & decided we should go to the beach. Less than halfway there, it started to rain & we questioned whether to keep going. We decided to go anyways since we were already en route. By the time we got there & ate our lunch, the rain completely stopped. We got out & took a walk along the shore, which was as beautiful as ever. As we were heading back to the car, the sky decided to downpour on us. I guess the weather was being nice to us to let us walk for a good half hour or so before pouring rain on us.

Enjoying the short trip to the beach

I heart Half Moon Bay

On December 6th, I had a fabulous no-homework day. It started with me getting my hair cut for just $5 since the salon just opened up a few days ago! Afterwards, I received my Xmas presents in the mail from Paula & Louise as well as the gorgeous necklace I ordered from Julu Jewelry. After Helen got home, we went to do some shopping at Vallco for Paula & Louise's presents. We stopped by to visit Ilona (customer service) since I haven't talked to her in a long time. She's always so sweet. Then we stopped by the Santa set where we ran into Santa AJ. I worked for this Santa as an elf for my first job back in 2004. He gave us each a free photo so yay for getting $25.99 worth of photos free!

Yup, I used to be his elf from 2004-2005

Yea, the title pretty much says it all...I turned in my mini proposal, yayy!

Goodbye social life killer!

On December 16th, Dr. Wynn took Charlene, Holly, Jonathan & I out for lunch at Flames. It was there that we were finally able to give her the personalized M&Ms we ordered for her (pictured below). Needless to say, she loved them since she is the M&M queen, haha. It was funny because she ended up giving us each a little tin of chocolates as well. After eating our lunches, Dr. Wynn took us to the dessert counter so that we could choose some desserts to share. We ended up with 2 cake slices (oreo & almond chocolate) & chocolate ganache cheesecake (pictured below). Talk about delicious heaven *drool*

Dr. Wynn looking at her personalized M&Ms

PUUUSH! PairShare Square! Dr. Wynn!! & her face

2 cake slices & 1 cheesecake slice

We had a potluck on December 17th since Gigi wanted to see our class one last time before we go on winter break. We had yummy food & it started off with a positive atmosphere, but then Dr. K ruined the mood by giving multiple people (people who usually do well) bad grades on our teaching portfolios, case studies, etc. I went with Purvi after the potluck to talk to Dr. K & she basically told me that I missed the whole point of the teaching portfolio & that's why I got a low B on it, ugh!

Elaine, Purvi & I were supposed to go hangout for an hour or so, but Purvi wanted to re-write her case study instead so Elaine dropped Purvi off. Afterwards, Elaine & I went to Target to window shop, haha. Then Elaine wanted to get the My Melody watch from McDonald's so we went to get that before she dropped me off home.

To end this love post, I just found out that...I PASSED MY MINI PROPOSAL, WHOOHOO!!! :D


  1. Jennifer5:26 PM

    wow u were busy! Im glad you did so well ! I get nervous speaking in front of a class to I had to do that in high school, thankfully my mom used to be a speech teacher so she would help me write my speeches and I would usually get a A or a B. :).
    I want that chocolate and cheese cake omgg yummy ! I wanted to do a M&M thing for my in-laws but it looks expensive?:/

  2. love the new layout!! ROFL I'm so laughing at your students pulling out their meters! wth!
    Glad your got to breeze through the rest of your presentation though :)

    haha You look cute with your side pony tail.

    yummm all the food looks so good!!!

    holy moly having to park 2 blocks away just to get to the mall!!! yay for pressies from san rio :P I can't wait to open it!

    love your panda hat! You look totally cute at the beach! and OMG the beach shot you took looks professional!!! so wish I was there!

    awww your photo with santa is too cute! How awesome is it you got to see him again and take photos?!

    Dr. Wynn sounds so cool! I'm glad you got to have a teacher like her :) all those desserts look so good! no fair teasing me like that! lol

    ugh that Dr. K I sure hope she has a heart and gives Purvi a passing grade

    Congratulations on passing your proposal!!! I know you put so much into that paper and barely warded off annie anxiety. :P
    Here's to more fun on break! blast some more down!

    love you miss a!!