Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter Break is Bliss

Kiyorda (Kiyore + panda)

Winter break certainly is bliss, especially after a horrifically long semester of grad school. The past week certainly had its little moments. Well, let's get this blog started!

On December 16th, Conic, Vinh & I headed to the Tech Museum with 13 cans of tuna in hand so that we can attend the new Body Worlds Vital exhibit. Last time, I was fully fascinated with human anatomy & I guess my expectations weren't met this time since it was a lot smaller (it seems) than the previous exhibit in 2008. Nonetheless, I was still fascinated by all human exhibitions they had to offer, especially since I came in this time with my OT goggles on. I actually got semi-creeped out by one body this time around. They peeled away the front (colored part) of the eyeballs so that we could see the inside & it was like swirly & black, ick! I was never grossed out by cadavers yet it was friggin' eyeballs that gave me the creepers!

Afterwards, Vinh didn't want to explore the rest of the Tech Museum (came free if you had a ticket to Body Worlds) so we headed to Chevy's for dinner. Grilled chicken fajita salad always hits the spot! Then we headed to the Severns-Pease Xmas Display (2 houses whose Xmas lights go along with music). Vinh & I played in the fake snow (soap bubbles/foam) while Conic just looked at all the lights.

Penicilin (blue) & Liver (yellow) & Brain Cell (gray)

Fake snow @ the light-up houses

On December 18th, Vinh's internship site (Fremont Healthcare Center) had their annual holiday party. It was held at World Gourmet in Fremont & it was basically an Asian buffet. Definitely was not the best buffet I have ever been to, but at least there was free wine for party goers! I made Vinh choose the booth with white zinfandel because the other option was merlot & I never liked merlot. Good choice since this white wine was so good! Jose sat with Vinh & I at our booth for the time we stayed at the party.

Surprisingly, I got along with the people I didn't think I was going to & vice versa. Maybe it was the 4 to 5 glasses of white wine I drank (most I've ever drank in one sitting), but whatever. The people Vinh wanted me to meet ended up kind of ignoring me, especially one guy who has a crush on Vinh (yes, I'm pretty sure he has a crush). He didn't even acknowledge my existence, but I had my glass of wine, hehe. People kept thinking I was 15 years old & then they were surprised that I was 23. Vinh said they were jealous, haha! Afterwards, I had to drive home (I wasn't buzzed) since Vinh was starting to feel the effects of the wine, haha. We took a bottle of white zinfandel (75% full) & a tiny Xmas tree home as a souvenir from the party.

Overall, I was surprised that I wasn't super cranky or anything at the party. Usually I get super bored or whatever at parties where I don't know anyone so I'm proud that I had fun for the most part & had a good attitude :)

Enjoying a glass of white zinfandel @ Vinh's intern site's holiday party

I got to see Helen melon yesterday (December 19)! Originally, we wanted to get dessert at BJ's, but it was too crowded so we bought dessert from Sheng Kee Bakery & ate it at Helen's. Afterwards, I took Helen to go see the Severns-Pease Xmas Display since she's never seen it before. That led us to talking about Xmas in the Park & we decided to go visit it as a spontaneous trip!

It was raining most of the time we were there, but it was fun nonetheless. We took some photos on the fake sleigh & at the big community tree before heading back to the car. We decided to take a different route back to the car so that we could see the other little rides & what did we find but a ride that was originally owned by Michael Jackson for his Neverland Ranch!! Helen & I found out that the ride was only $3 & we decided to go buy the tickets to ride it! Imagine the tea cup ride at Disneyland (the ones where you spin it) & combine that with going into the air & it tilting & there you have the MJ ride. It was pretty fun for a kiddie ride & we both got dizzy after the ride stopped, haha. We headed home after a fun-filled night out of spontaneity :)

Helen & I on a sleigh ride

What do our little eyes spy?!

Guess what we found?!

Just before the Michael Jackson ride started!

On an ending note... Happy birthday to Vinh's mom & happy 100 months Vinh :D


  1. haha kiyorda he's so cute :P

    eww gross body world may not be the place for me rofl

    awww cool they had fake snow! how fun! I have yet to go see any Christmas lights

    I'm glad you had a better time than you thought at Vinh's holiday party! (omg lol about the guy with a crush on vinh ignoring you)

    I can't believe you got to ride an MJ ride!! how fun!!! MJ's lover would be mucho jealous ;) lol

    Looks like you've been enjoying your winter break :)
    Happy Holidays Annie Bananie!

  2. okay your winter break sounds like its AMAZING so far! and i bet theres still many more fun times to be had! enjoy them!! =D

  3. Shizuka9:30 AM

    ;A; I wish i can have fun there too ;w;! It's always me rotting at home during xmas XD just like that haha!