Sunday, December 26, 2010

Xmas Week Fun

This week has certainly been eventful to say the least! Well let's get to it, shall we? :)

On December 23rd, Vinh & I finally went out to celebrate our 100-monthiversary! First, we stopped by Lawrence Plaza so that he could get some dinner. I went ahead to the cafe to buy a red velvet cake for us to share as dessert. You gotta love this cake, it is absolutely delicious *drool*

Yummy red velvet from Satura sold @ Cafe Milan

Afterwards, we headed to Xmas in the Park to look at all the decorations & for Vinh to ride the Michael Jackson balloon ride. When he saw all these kids riding the ride, he was starting to back out & I told him I already bought two tickets so either he has to ride with me or wait for me to ride it twice, haha. The guy operating the ride thought we had kids so he let other kids in front of us. He then realized that we wanted to actually ride the ride & apologized. We had no problem waiting a few minutes & we had first pick of which hot air balloon we wanted. I got way more dizzy this time around that I actually had trouble walking out of the gate, haha. We had fun overall though & we were kids at heart that night ;)

Vinh & I on MJ's balloon ride ready to go!

Photo that the guy operating the ride took, haha

After having lunch (dim sum) & dinner (Lawrence Plaza sushi & Korean BBQ) with my family, Vinh came to pick me up so that we could head to Meridith's house to check up on her feline daughter, Venus. While driving down highway 17, I noticed that there were a ton of xmas lights & Vinh took a look & instantly wanted to go see what it was. He took the next exit out & we found out that the xmas lights were actually located in Vasona Lake County Park & it was an event called Fantasy of Lights. Since we were already in the massive line to enter the event, we decided to welcome the little sidetrack to Meridith's. The admission was $15, but I thought it was worth the distraction from our adventure. The lights were amusing to me since I love seeing xmas lights/decorations. My favorite section had to be the dinosaurs & volcano!


Penguin jumped into the water

Volcano in the dinosaur area, my favorite!

Little elves (Vinh lol'd @ the sponsor being Vietnam Daily News)

Awesome pirate ship, arr matey!

Goodbye Fantasy of Lights

We said goodbye to Fantasy of Lights & got back on track to Meridith's. We arrived at her place at around 11pm with Venus right at the door to welcome us. Vinh cleaned out the litter box while I refilled the food bowls & water. Then Vinh proceeded to try to play with Venus, but she started getting freaked out by him & went to hide in a corner, haha. We chilled for about 45 minutes before hitting the road home back to Vinh's for the weekend.

Vinh trying to make Venus look at the camera

Venus is so not amused...

On the way home from Meridith's, it technically turned midnight meaning it was Xmas Day! I opened Louise's package while Vinh drove us home. I love all my presents from my besties, thank you girls! My parents gave me $200 to buy whatever I wanted so thank you mommy & daddy! Vinh & I just spent the day at home staying warm while it rained all day. We went out to McDonalds later that night because Vinh wanted a McRib & then I used my coupon for buy one get one free smoothies. That ended our Xmas Day :)

Thank you so much Louise!

Thank you so much Paula!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend as well :)


  1. Beccaboo10:38 PM

    EEEEEEEEEK super cuteness!!! I want to go to that light thing! HOW FUN!! Vinh and Venus' pic is hilarious and what awesome PALs!!!

  2. ooo that red velvet cake looks delish!!! I'm totally laughing at you telling Vinh he has to ride the ride or wait for you to ride it twice!!!
    ROFL the pic the guy took is hilarious!!!
    You got excellent pics of the Christmas lights! Everytime I try taking pics of Christmas lights they are all blurry. The volcano is so cool I love the sparkles!
    Totally laughing at Vinh having to clean the litterbox. And then Venus freaking out. haha That pic of her is classic.
    Glad you liked all your gifts and had a fun Christmas!!! whoo hoo!!I totally don't want the holiday to be over.

  3. Cute post! I love how Vinh almost backed out because of all the kids on the ride, that's something I would do, haha.
    The lights show reminded me of a thing my hometown can drive through the park and there are a ton of lights set up all around you.
    I'm glad you guys had a great Christmas ♥

  4. OMG, that picture of Venus cracks me up! That is the ultimate "I loathe you more than words can describe" look that only cats can master so well. that the red velvet cake you were going to introduce me to? I almost licked the screen, it looks so good!

    I'm glad you had such a fun Christmas break!