Monday, January 10, 2011

A Day in Carmel

Vinh & I wanted to go watch the sunset in Carmel on the first day of the year, but bad weather cancelled that plan so we decided to move it to the following Saturday. We left home a little before noon & set off for Carmel!

We had plenty of time before the sunset & I had stated I really wanted to visit the mission in the area. Vinh gave in & we headed to Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo just a mile or so away from the beach. The mission was absolutely gorgeous & I would say the prettiest of the three I have been to so far.

View of the mission from the outside

Front of the basilica church

Fountain near the basilica

Vinh spouting water out of his nose instead of his mouth

After walking through the cemetary, we found ourselves in the middle courtyard where we saw something written on one of the walls. We found out that on the day Vinh was born, it was the 200-year anniversary of Father Junipero Serra's passing. Talk about a little creepy, right? We also found out that the mission was built on June 3rd, a day after my birthday, hehe.

Father Serra passed away 200 years ago on Vinh's birthday!

After seeing the writing, we walked into the middle courtyard & we first passed by this little corner that reminded me of Italy. Maybe I should just move to Italy, hehe. I loved the feel of that corner for sure & Vinh did as well, which is strange because he'd usually make fun of my hopeless romantic daydreams. The middle courtyard was huge, but it had a very calming feel to it.

This scene reminds me of Italy

Middle Courtyard

Remember how Vinh was born 200 years after Father Serra's passing? Well after we entered the basilica and saw the front, we saw that Father Serra was laid to rest at the front of the basilica. Pope John Paul II came to visit the basilica in 1987 & laid a wreathe at the foot of Father Serra's grave. Two years later, Pope John Paul II beatified Father Serra in Rome two years later.

Inside the basilica

To the right at the front of the church, there were remnants of Father Serra's original coffin. When Father Serra was first buried, the location was never written down. Thus, the search for his body started and when they did find & identified his body, the people in charge put his body in a new metal coffin because his old coffin started to decay in the ground.

Pieces of wood from Father Serra's coffin

Father Serra's sleeping quarters

After finishing our visit at Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo, we headed off to the beach! It was super cold out, but we decided to take a walk along the beach anyways. There must have been a dog walking club because there were like 20 dogs there with their owners. Afterwards, we drove around the area & we both fell in love with the old style of houses around there. Some were like mini castles! I would not mind living in Carmel except that everyone seems rich & two decades older than we were. We sat in the care until the sun started to set & it was gorgeous even though it was still mostly cloudy.

Sun is shining through the clouds

Sun is starting to set & shine through

Bye bye sun

Time to leave before we freeze our booties off!

For dinner, we went to the pier in Monterey since we wanted fresh seafood. With our bellies full, we headed home after a lovely day in Carmel :)


  1. ahhhh hahaha vinh spraying water out his nose lol!!!!
    the mission was so pretty!!!! we could take such cute pics there too!
    *sigh* that corner is so pretty! I wanna go sit there and read a book or something
    you got such pretty pics!!! love the sunglasses btw ;)

    yup wanna see carmel!

  2. Jennifer7:41 PM

    awwww sounds like u had a great day! the sunset is very pretty! and I love the last picture ! def make it an icon thehehe! :D

  3. Gorgeous pictures!! I want to go to Carmel now too! You always have the best pics! :)