Thursday, February 24, 2011

First Treatment Session

First off, WOOT WOOT for turning in my lit review with 30 references on Tuesday night! So long craptastic assignment!

Now onto our regularly scheduled clinic post. Today was my first treatment session with my client & I was totally freaking out yesterday night! I had no idea how to occupy a whole hour since I only had one-handed shoe tying as my activity. I finally decided to do some passive stretching & weight bearing on his right arm (his affected side) before teaching him the shoe tying technique.

My client came in with his wife & his wife's granddaughter today, which was a surprise, haha. First, I did the passive stretch & weight bearing to help his right arm a bit even if he could not feel or move it. After doing that for about 10 minutes with the help of Elaine, I decided to pull up the YouTube video for one-handed shoe tying (below). I brought some rainbow converses for him to practice tying on the table before he tried his own shoes & he figured out the tying after 20 minutes! I was so surprised at how fast he learned it, I was in shock! He practiced a few times alternating between the left & right shoe before taking a break to play tic-tac-toe with me. He let me win both times, haha! Then he decided to try on his own shoes after not wanted to before & he did it successfully! I told him to show his granddaughter & she was impressed with her grandfather *giggle* There was a lot of high fives going on in today's session, I was very impressed :)

PS - On a sad side note, I just found out the guy in the video died [article here] :(

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  1. awww that's great that your first session went so well. how ingenious was that vid on shoe tying. It's little things like that that you don't think about if your only had the use on one arm. great job a! thanks for sharing I'm sure you'll be great at helping him progress :)