Monday, February 14, 2011

Hearts Day 2O11


Basically my day started with school since I had a PTE meeting & then evidence-based practice afterwards. Dr. K let us out almost 1.5 hours early so I went to the SOTA bake sale & bought a $1 funfetti cupcake to support our fellow OTs! Vinh picked me up from school & I went home to change into the cute dress he bought me for Valentine's.

Look how cute my dress is!

After getting dressed, we headed to Eastridge Mall to eat at Tomi Buffet for dinner. Their food is yummy! Of course, we both turned into pigs & had trouble walking after we were done 1.5 hours later, lol. We decided to walk around the mall so that I could buy a birthday card for my patient & redeem my Bath & Body Works coupon for the amazing smelling Carried Away lotions. Figuring out we couldn't wobble much further, we headed back to the car to go home & lay down to let our tummies digest & that's our day :)

Om nom nom dessert!


  1. Jennifer9:41 PM

    awwwwwwwwwww you guys are so cute! I'm glad you had a good one! :D

  2. Happy Valentines Day Annie! That dress is so pretty! It feels like I've waited so long to see it!! Those desserts look so yummy!! What are the green and red pudding/jello looking ones? I want the green one! oh and what is the orangy one? The chinese restaurants I've been to usually only have fruit, the square sponge cake, jello, and ice cream cones? rofl Yours there are all fancy!

  3. How cute are you two! :D <3 And I love the new Carried Away scene. Amazing. Glad you two had a nice day! <3

  4. Marie @ well you know me lol!5:01 AM

    Looks good So glad yall had a great time Annie!!

  5. shar *u*8:10 AM

    such a cute dress! and the desserts.. oh my!! looks yummy! stay happy in love! :)

  6. Very cute dress! And that dessert looks SUPER yummy! I'm glad you had a good day! :)