Sunday, February 20, 2011


Happy 8.5-Year AnnieVinhsary loverboy!

Didn't do too much today since I had to finish my horrendous 30-reference literature review for my masters project, but Vinh was understanding about it. We went to eat rice plate for lunch & then I worked like a madwoman to finish my paper by 5pm. Then we went out to buy Wendy's for dinner, hehe. That's it!

It's been an eventful week to say the least: Valentine's Day, first home visit, first quiz of the semester, getting an "OMG" moment on my second day of assessing my client...

Our little family


  1. awww that's a sweet pic!! kiyora and kiyore look so cute :P kiyoru misses them

  2. Aww, there are two Kiyores! How stinkin' cute! Let me know your secret of getting Vinh to pose with stuffed animals. ;)

    30-reference paper? EW. EW EW EW. You deserve a big fat martini!