Saturday, February 26, 2011

TBI Conference

This morning I had the chance to volunteer at the TBI (traumatic brain injury) Conference put on by Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC). I left my house at 6:30am & had to scrape off the ice on my car since it was 34F this morning (freezing!). I arrived around 7am at Dolce Hayes Mansion & met Gail, the volunteer coordinator. She gave me my tote bag filled with goodies, name tag with USB attached & volunteer ribbon. She told me to go eat the free breakfast provided before taking me to the room I was volunteering at. Can you say yummy breakfast? Om nom nom! Becky joined me shortly after I sat down to eat my food. Shortly after that, our clinical supervisor (Michelle Tipton-Burton), another faculty member (Rochelle McLaughlin) & the speech clinic supervisor (Kathy) joined us for breakfast as well. After chitchatting for about 15 to 20 minutes, Becky & I went back to meet with Gail so that she could tell us our volunteer duties & take us to our respective rooms.

Dolce Hayes Mansion

Orange juice, meat patty, potatoes, scrambled eggs with sauce & fruit

The first session I volunteered for was Vocational Rehabilitation: A Personal Story & it was mostly boring until Ralph, a guy who sustained a TBI a few years ago, talked about his experiences. He was really friendly & very enthusiastic about what he said. The second session I volunteered for was Report from the Community: Lessons Learned Inside a Unique, Continuum-of-Care Program, which was also quite boring. I had so much trouble staying awake through the second session. Good thing we had a break after the second session. I had to man the SJSU Clinic table during break, but I had fun talking with these various professionals (doctors, nurses, PTs, etc.) at the conference & almost all were very enthusiastic & supportive of OT! I also had a blast talking with an old professor of mine (BJ Grosvenor) about random things, it was really nice :)

Our clinic table

After talking to a home health agency & with a retired PT, she was super cool & was telling me to call her agency in a few years for a job since their trying to add an extension of their agency to the Bay Area. Yay for potential future employers! She gave me a paperclip holder in the shape of a house with a magnet to pickup the clips. I also visited the Gentiva table, but no one was there so I just grabbed two pencils with brain erasers on top of them (I know you want one, Brenda), hehe. After that, I had to rush back to the Monterey room to attend the Return to Work Issues in Brain Injury session. This was a super entertaining session since the presenters were very personable with stories, examples & being upbeat. After the session was over, I headed upstairs to eat a yummy lunch before heading home :)

Salmon, salad, greek style tomatoes, pasta & squash/veggies

Delicious strawberry shortcake, om nom nom!

It was a very wonderful experience & I am glad that my clinical supervisor allowed us to volunteer & attend this conference for basically free! I mean I got fed, attended three sessions, talked with a variety of healthcare professionals & visited a historic site! Definitely a good day despite not seeing it snow in San Jose :)


  1. hahaha you had to scrape off ice! but no snow :( all that food looks super yummy!! that's great you got to meet some cool people and had a good experience volunteering. glad you didn't fall asleep like our gookyman ;)

  2. So that's what the Hayes mansion looks like. I always see signs pointing to it, but never followed the signs. Haha. That cake looks yummy!!