Friday, March 4, 2011

I Survived Bloodwork!

Alright for those who don't know me well, I absolutely hate needles & anything related to them! I got my physical done last week to get ready for my internships in the summer & fall. My doctor wanted me to go get my bloodwork done so he could check my cholesterol level, iron levels (since I had anemia in middle school) & vitamin D levels. Since I had to fast for 10 hours before bloodwork, I decided to do it today so that I didn't have to fast during school.

Woke up at 9am so that I could go back to the doctor's office to get him to add a blood test to figure out my blood type (yes, I've never known my type). Afterwards, I headed toward the Quest Diagnostics building to work for my bloodwork. I was called in a little after 10am & the guy told me to sit in the chair. I told him at that point that I was scared of needles & that I fainted the last time I had my blood drawn. He was all "Well I have no hesitation to let you lay on the bed then" & takes me into the room with the bed. Then he told me to make a fist to check my vein & was all "you have good veins." Anyhoo, it took 2 minutes or less for me to fill up 5 test tubes full of my blood. Usually it takes me 2-3 times longer because I'd freak out like no other. He told me that I could lay on the bed as long as I'd like until I was ready to go.

Needless to say, I had a very positive experience this time & I didn't even freak out when he poked me with the needle! I'm proud of myself for going to do it & being compliant for once :)

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  1. I'm so proud of my bestie banannie! Congrats for not fainting and or running away screaming. haha I'm glad you got a good person doing it who helped you to feel more comfortable. That's awesome that the dr. went ahead and added your bloodtype. I dunno why they don't check that stuff as babies ya know? Cause I don't even know mine nor does any of my fam know theirs. Good luck with all the results!!