Sunday, March 6, 2011


I got goodies in the mail this week! I was part of the Softlips survey panel & they sent me a 2-pack strawberry as a thank you. Then I got my bottlecaps from Amber in the mail as well & they all turned out fabulously (thank you!). Finally, I bought myself a pretty white-ish nail polish for $2 while out to lunch one day :)

Now I will be friggin' busy like a mofo for the next week or two so cya on the flip side!

Goodies from this week :)


  1. jennifer2:12 PM

    I love the bottlecaps I want some lol!
    lovely stuff girl :D

  2. ooo that's awesome they sent you softlips!! and our bottlecaps turned out so awesome!!!! your nail polish is pretty too!! yay for new stuff!
    ewwww for schoolwork! go kick it's butt!!! love yas a!