Monday, April 25, 2011

Compliment or No?

After my presentation today, Dr. K was talking to me. She was saying how I really looked nice in heels & that I should wear them more often since it made me more elegant & feminine (note: I wear these sandal wedges ALL the time when I don't have clinic). In my mind I was thinking "do I look like a boy then?" I thanked her & said that I wear them when I'm not in clinic & that I preferred comfy clothes. She then went on to say that I looked more feminine & lovely when I dress up & that I should do so more often. So I guess it was a compliment? Not quite sure, lol :)


  1. I think it was meant to be a compliment. I think you look super cute all the time and you never dress like a boy haha. She was probably paying more attention to what you were wearing due to the presentation and wanted to tell you that you looked nice :)

  2. I think it's both. It's nice that she thinks you look good when you dress up, but it kinda sounds like she's not impressed with they you look normally. :T

  3. It sounds like she meant it as a compliment. But at the same time it sounds like she was hinting... I hate when people do that. I think you look good all the time from pictures. =] So I wouldn't worry too much about it.