Sunday, April 17, 2011

PROJECT 52 - 16

This week has been another long week of schoolwork, but I did manage to have some fun amidst it all. SOTA put on an OT month event on Wednesday, which unfortunately, also coincided with the CSU budget cuts protest on campus. I had fun teaching random students that stopped by my table on how to make friendship bracelets & explaining what OT was. I took a break to go check out the protest with Meridith (since Dr. Cara led the protest) & we got caught on camera & on the news (click HERE to see if you can spot me). Afterwards, I headed back to help out OT month again, but it started pouring rain on us so our event ended early unfortunately. Other than that, I've been caffeinated with milk tea & working on my stupid CAT form *kicks it* :)

Look at Cammie with her bunny ears!


  1. Anonymous12:33 PM

    I spot Miss Annie in a black sweater and black t-shirt on 0.15-0.18ish! <3

  2. Oh snap, you're right in the beginning! :D There was a fantastic protest at Cal Poly about 5 years ago -- our president was ridiculously corrupt. He ended up having to retire. xD

  3. Jennifer12:48 AM

    :O you were on t.v. holy cow! I saw you hehe at the beginning :D awesome girl! and that dog is so cute :)

  4. You're totally famous! heehee You should screen cap it! Too bad your event ended early but at least you got to show your OT skills to some students! Cammie is super cute! None of my dogs would ever think of leaving those ears on. They'd be ate by now.
    Now go kick that hw's butt super annie!