Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wonderful Week!

I presented my CAT form with my group. We did alright, but who really does amazing in Dr. K's class anyways. Afterwards, I had that interesting talk with Dr. K (refer here). After that, Dr. K passed by where Meridith & I were sitting in the hall & asked how we did on the CAT form. We said we did ok & she said she didn't worry about us because she knows we're good students, yay! That probably means I won't flunk evidence-based. Then we turned in our program development paper in management & I left after one hour of class (everyone wondered where I disappeared to, lol).

Tuesday during lunch, PTE held the induction ceremony for the incoming members. I had the job of passing out the pretty yellow roses to each of the new members, yay! I also came to the rescue since I had a camera, otherwise the new cohort would have no photos to put on the bulletin board for next year. After the ceremony was over with, we got to mingle & munched on the yummy refreshments (including Dr. Pendleton's punch, which is rare to have). Diana gave me my paper & midterm grade since I basically ditched last night's class. Come to find out that I got a 95% on the advocacy paper & a 100% adjusted midterm score! Yea, I rock :)

Incoming & graduating members of PTE!

After lunch came my last treatment session with my client. We worked on donning his eye contacts with his left hand & he was modified independent for his left eye (aka he did it all by himself with the one-handed technique I taught him)! I was ecstatic because he met my goal for his left eye! He had a lot of trouble with his right eye, but we got there eventually & he was super stoked about it, too :) Afterwards, I decided not to torture him with the usual cognitive games, but rather let him make a little mosaic. He took it home & is using it as a coaster now for his sweet tea, hehe. He was so proud of his mosaic :)

Mosaic my client made on his last day of treatment :)

We had the 1980s decades presentation & I about died laughing at Brian in his short bball shorts, hahaha! My gosh how I love when people dress up for presentations. I got two of my decades quizzes back & I got 100% on both of them. Again, I rock. After class, we got our 10 tickets for convocation! OMG, I cannot believe it's getting so close to graduation now, eek!

10 golden tickets from Ticketmaster for convocation ;)

Today was the last day with our clients & I was slightly bummed since I would love another week to work on the rest of his goals, but alas this is the real world & we have to discharge our clients someday. We held a BBQ as our clinic party today. One group of clients were on the grill while the other half made guacamole inside. My client grilled us some hamburger patties, hehe. My client & his wife bought me a gift as a thank you for all I've done for them this semester. I was super surprised that they bought me a gift, I really was. I seriously felt like I made a positive change in his life & I guess the gift & his wife's kind words really hit home for me. The message on the bag reads: Annie, Thank you for your work with ___. Good luck in your new beginnings. Jonathan was saying how the gift was so me from the quote to the colors! This is definitely a confirmation for me that what I am doing is the right fit for me :)

Mug my client & his wife bought me! :)


  1. Jennifer11:31 PM

    Sounds like a great week hon :-)
    wish I could go to your graduation! make sure you take lots of photos :D

    that cup is cute :D

  2. Aww that is great your having a great time.

  3. Aww, I am glad you are having a great week. That cup is so cute. ♥

  4. yay blogger finally let me comment!
    I am so happy and proud of you!! Congrats on your grad just a few weeks away!! You touch so many people and chose the perfect career for your personality! You got a great pic with the yellow roses always camera ready!
    I wish you would have got a pic of the dude in the short shorts though! hahaha

  5. awwwwwwww Annie =D
    Yay for graduation being so close! I bet you are EXCITED! I surely know I was when it came to that time!!!! Congrats on all those perfect scores! You are one smart chicka =D I wish you the best of luck in your new journey as well, I know you will make an EXCELLENT worker =D

    Wouldn't let me use LJ. BUMMER

  6. someone had such a busy week!! but how sweet of ur client to make you the mosaic & get u the mug!!