Friday, May 13, 2011

Last Week of Grad Classes!

ZOMG, I cannot believe that I am done with graduate school classes, eek! Here's a recap :)

I had my last PTE meeting of the year where I passed on my vice president torch to Monica. I had fun eating & enjoying my fellow PTE members' company one last time. Afterwards, I went to attend the last day of evidence based practice. We had to create a diagram linking everything we learned in the class. Ours was definitely the most creative, hehe. Starting from the right, move left. On the right, it's a brain which contains all the knowledge about evidence based practice, models/frames of reference, our worldview & clinical reasoning. We bracket our bias through the filter & reflect about our biases & information in the mirror. The mirror then turns into a window & that allows us to see the client with our worldview!

Mark's lovely work!

On Tuesday, I had my last day of clinic & I had my discharge summary & cover letter approved to send off to my client. I also received my final evalaution (to come shortly), which I passed with flying colors!

On Wednesday, I had my last day of OT history. We took an in-class essay, which I'm sure I did well on. Afterwards, we watched Dr. Schwartz's 2009 Slagle lecture. It probably would've been more interesting if it wasn't the last day of class. It was also the last day of management & we had Papesh come in to talk to us about fieldwork & what to prepare for. We also had a panel of fieldwork supervisors & previous students come talk about fieldwork & what to expect :)

On Thursday, Vinh & I had to play tour guides & take his dad, stepmom, brother (Hien), sister-in-law (Hang) & nephew (Dawson) to Pebble Beach for the 17-mile scenic drive. We left around 1pm after everyone had lunch. We stopped part of the way since Vinh's stepmom wanted to buy fresh fruit. She bought some amazingly sweet blueberries as well as cherries, om nom nom! After that, we went on our way & arrived at the 17-mile drive. I played the good girl & watched Dawson while he was napping in the car so everyone else can do their touristy photos.

Guess which side of the heart Vinh drew

Vinh & I walking along the beach

I know, my photo rocks! ;)

After halfway through the drive, we stopped at Bird's Rock & I went to throw away the leftover blueberries, but ended up feeding them to the squirrels there. Who knew that they would follow me back to the car though, haha. Hang was freaking out since seagulls & squirrels came from everywhere to get food from Hien. Talk about all the shrieks! Baby Dawson was totally fascinated with the animals though :)

Look at my little friends :)

The Lone Cypress in the distance

Before we headed to Carmel

After we finished the 17-mile drive, we headed to Carmel to chill for a bit. I helped Dawson walk in the sand to the shore where Hien took over. Hien was trying to let him touch the water & while he was waiting for the water to come, it came way to big. It totally scared Dawson & he started bawling & is now afraid to step on sand because of it. No worries though, auntie (though I don't like being called auntie) Annie made him laugh soon after :)

Today was the BIG day! We had graduation rehearsal, the faculty luncheon & cohort photos. We started our morning with graduation rehearsal in Tower Hall. I ended up being the leader of my row, which only consists of four people, woot woot! I get to lead my row up to the stage & back to the seats when we're done, hehe.

My row rocks: Mike, Brian, Elaine & I :)

After we finished a few run throughs, we had Holly, Jonathan & Becky perform "I Hope You Dance" for us. Can you say standing ovation? I am totally going to bawl my eyes out come graduation day, I know it. I think it really hit home for all of us after the performance that we are graduating & we'd have to leave each other soon :(

The Reachers performing :)

When rehearsal was done, we all headed back to CCB to help set up for the faculty luncheon outside near the BBQ pits. We made the picnic tables look all fancy & nice with tablecloths, vases with flowers & silverware. We all brought food to eat so that was great :)

My lovely ladies, Cassie & Meridith :)

Professor Held came to see us walk across the stage!

Ngan, Cassie, me, Dr. K, Krista, Judy & Meridith

I love my OT gals!

We are all definitely dorks :)

After the luncheon, most of the people in my class got into a circle & each of us said something nice about the person to our right. Talk about a lot of "Aww" going around, hehe. We did that until our photographer Nicole showed up. We then proceeded behind CCB to take our cohort photos that will go into the program & we had a TON of fun taking them. The OT All-Stars were definitely the rowdy group & I love it!

Look at our sexy OT boys! GQ pose, haha! 

OT All-Stars, baby!

Graduating Class of 2011

After our cohort photos were done, we got into a circle again & we all gave each other hugs (x2). It was a super cute idea & it was great just being able to hug everyone at one time. A few of us started to tear up while going through this since we realized more & more of our impending departure from our three years together. Talk about graduation being super sad & super happy later. Anyhoo, that was my last week of classes :)


  1. haha yay for all your classes ending and such!! So proud of my annie banannie!!
    I think vinh drew the right side. totally cute with your handprints!
    the bird photo is awesome!!!
    totally laughing at you feeding the squirrels and that they followed you back to the car! they were so big and got so close :O
    the lone cypress pic almost reminds me of t&i when she was sitting there watching him in the water :P
    The pic of you cassie and meridith is so good!!! You looked so pretty in your dress the heels were worth the pain!
    You got such good pics!!! SO laughing at the guys pic haha That's so great that you had a grad class that you were close with and had so much fun with!! You made so many good friends!!
    yay!!!! love yas!

  2. OMG! Annie! I am so excited and happy for you! And proud!!

    I can't believe how much time has passed!

    I love looking at your pictures! You and Vinh are so creative with them.

    Thank you for sharing all the festivities... It makes me happy to see you so happy :D

  3. Becca1:35 AM

    Someone's about to GRADUAAAAAAAAATE!! Can I shriek with you? That's so freaking awesome -- you absolutely rock in so many ways :D

    Love the pics, school looks so fun!!!

    Can't wait to see your grad pics!!

  4. Kimbo9:17 AM

    Adorable Pics Annie =D
    I am SUPER SUPER PROUD of you =D
    Congrats girly!!!!!!!

  5. You were so busy that week but I'm sure you are glad to be finished all your classes but also a little sad. You got some great pics A so great!!! great memories for you to keep :)
    Can't believe you are graduating I am SO proud of you!!! Your such an amazing person & such inspriration just goes to show that all your hard work pays off!!
    Love Ya xxxxxxx