Thursday, May 19, 2011

Official Last Day of Grad School!

Yesterday was the official last day of graduate school! Our department held the poster session for all of our Masters projects & we also had refreshments that quickly vanished before anyone knew it, hehe. Our poster was set up in the back of the room in the middle. I would like to say our posterboard rocked thanks to KFaith :)

Our lovely posterboard & binders :)

Me with our posterboard presentation!

Krystel, Krista, Meridith, me, Dr. Pam, Marjie, Mike & Jonathan

The poster session itself was really busy & crowded! I was starting to feel claustrophobic at times with so many people in one room. I had a chance to talk with next year's cohort about our project & the potential for them to continue our project. We even had some people sign up as members for our website: Independent Living Skills Modules. Website was thrown together by yours truly & will be continued to be updated by next year's cohort. Jonathan ended up "educating" lots of folks that stopped by our poster, haha. He was a total pro at it! I think our presentation was the best. We had our poster, we had binders with stuff to look at & a website ;)

Team Foster Youth!

Majority of the All-Stars near the end :)

Pam saying congrats to all of us...we're officially done!

After we were officially done with graduate school forever (until fieldwork anyway), we helped put the room back together & went outside to take our class picture with everyone in it this time! We wanted a photo with everyone so that we could frame it & give it to our advisor Gigi since we're her favorite class ever ;)

Everyone from the OT All-Stars!

While Elaine went to the ATM, Marjie, Michelle, Meridith & I ran around CCB to take photos for memories sake. We wanted to remember the building, the hallways, the statues nearby & whatnot. We even tried to do a jumping picture later which was somewhat successful, lol.

Marjie, Michelle, Meridith & I taking photos for memories

After our jumping photos, we headed to Iguanas for lunch before Elaine & I went to Costco to print out the photo for Gigi's present. We had to wait 20 minutes for our 11x14 photo to print out so we walked around Costco getting free samples of food before finally sitting in the garden furniture section. One customer came up to us & was all "Can I take your orders for drinks?" We finally got our photo 20 minutes later & walked out to rain. We hid the photo under Elaine's jacket & briskly walked back to her car. She ended up dropping me off at Maxim Supermarket where Vinh picked me up :)

Our class gift to Gigi :)


  1. Anonymous10:20 AM

    I love how your class photo turned out & the frame you selected for it! Nice work =D Looks adorable!!!!!

    Congrats again Annie!!!! I am sure this was A LOT of hard work & you finally made it =D YAY!!!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations Annie. That is awesome! =]

  3. CONGRATS ANNIE BANANNIE!!! I can't believe you are done!!! No more hw! Your poster board turned out very nice!!! And you look gorgeous in that sweater!
    That was so sweet to think of your teacher and to leave her a gift like that! I bet she treasures it!! Time to blast down and party!!!

  4. WOW A YOUR FINISHED!!! No more slaving away on homework lots of PAL Time YAY!!!
    Your projected turned out so great. Thats such a wonderful gift you left your teacher!!!
    great pics you got & I remember that statue from my visit :)