Thursday, May 19, 2011

Photoshoot with Brenda

Alright, I have been hogging these photos for a few days now, but I'm finally sharing my favorites now! Brenda came up on Cinco de Mayo to do some errands & to take my senior portraits as well as some couple shots. Needless to say, it was way too hot to do too many pictures in my cap & gown, but she got tons of fabulous shots of Vinh & I! I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Thank you so much Brenda for slaving through the ridiculous heat & getting these amazing photos :)

Annie's all growed up now, rocking the cap, gown & honor cords ;)

Being a dork in front of Tower Hall

My absolute favorite shot of the day!

Right after zapping Vinh in the butt, haha!

I heart his kisses

One of Vinh's favorites since I'm giving him attention

Oh la la ;)

Piggyback ride time!

We're playing on the playground, haha

Vinh wanted to be Superman

Prisoners of love ;)


  1. Dagnabbit, I so wish we'd got more of you in your gown...but I'm glad you liked some of them, and I'll be getting the full-size ones to you very very soon. :) Ahhhh, now I want to come shoot you again now that I've learned more!!

    Oh yes, does this mean I can post some on FB? :P

  2. Really cute pictures!! Congrats on finishing grad school~~

  3. Those pictures are amazing! =]

  4. Anonymous10:18 AM

    awwwwww Annie these turned out FAB =D I love them all!
    She did a really good job!!!!!!!!!

    I need to get photos of James & I soon =D

  5. Marie @ well you know me lol!12:19 PM

    Annie those pics are beyond cute of yall!! Also congrats on getting your masters and graduating!! XOXO

  6. Shizuka3:50 PM

    hahaha! AWW! you and vinh are so sweet and cute! :D I enjoyed looking at those pics, giggling XD!! <333333333 and omg! graduate already?! omgomgomgomg CONGRATULATIONS *A*! hasdpahgdaso9fvaosdasdpasd /hugsglomps you/

  7. love the pictures sweetie! so beautiful ! :)

    your very beautiful! love those
    pics of you and Vinh!:D

  8. oh my gosh annie!!!! your photos turned out absolutely amazing!!! I can't stop staring!! Brenda is such an amazing photographer!!! The coloring in all the photos is so perfect! Love all the poses!! I can't wait to see all the graphics & icons I know you are gonna have to have! My fave is the oh lala one! It reminds me of A Harriet Evans book ;)

  9. WAY cute!!! You're so freaking adorable!! Brenda did a great job!

  10. Amazing pictures A you look so beautiful in them all!!Brenda is a very talented photographer!!
    So proud of you A xxxxxxx

  11. These pictures are fantastic! I love what she did with the editing..the coloring. They look seriously amazing! You and Vinh are too cute!

  12. OMG! Annie, these pictures came out amazing! You and Vinh are so adorable and photogenic! I can't stop staring at these! The poses are awesome, the coloring is perfect and you two are perfect in them! You always have the best pics :)
    It makes me happy to see you so happy and having everything go so great in your life :)
    I <3 you Annie!