Monday, May 30, 2011


On Wednesday the 25th, Meridith was throwing a day full of festivities. I first went to Helen's apartment in Santa Cruz & she cooked me some pasta for dinner. After dinner, Helen drove the both of us to Meridith's for a few hours. When we first arrived, I immediately got pulled in to play the "flip the cup" drinking game. I had to start it off by drinking all the beer in my cup & then proceed to flip the cup bottom up without it falling over after it lands. Talk about hard even when sober, haha! Afterwards, I just flipped the cup for Valeen while she drank for me.

After all the drinking games, Devin brought out the watermelon that had vodka in it for us to drink & I had a little bit. Then we decided that we should start the fire outside on their patio so that we can make smores. We had plenty of sexual jokes while we tried to start the fire & keep the fire going. I somehow ended up in a threesome while keeping the fire going, lol! "You know they say they don't like it [spanking], but you know they actually really like it" ;) After the fire was really started, we pulled out all the smore supplies & I made my first smore ever! Om nom nom!

Since our class picnic was cancelled from what I suspect to be nursing hangovers from Meridith's party, Meridith decided to come down to decorate her cap with me. We went to Michael's to buy some supplies before going to Vinh's decorate our caps. Don't you love our cute caps? Ours actually glows in the dark [her lettering & my tiny stars]!

Team OT Fairy & Anniemayzing!


  1. How cute are your caps! I'm guessing you didn't throw them after the ceremony, lol. :P Losing those would stink!

  2. I like how you decorated your cap!! :D

  3. awww they turned out so cute!!!! At least if you did lose them they'd glow in the dark haha :P

  4. Super cute Caps girly <3
    I can't believe you just NOW had your first smore! Pretty amazing eh?

  5. I <3 the second cap! You are SUPER creative! :)