Thursday, June 23, 2011

Benihana & Half Moon Bay

The days are winding down before my internship starts & I finally move out for the first time, yikes!

As most of you know, Vinh & I's monthiversary is on the 20th. We decided to go to Benihana for dinner & use my birthday gift certificate of $30. I ordered the colossal mango shrimp along with a white peach sake sangria. Both were absolutely delicious & super filling. Our table didn't have the most entertaining people, but our chef for the night was really friendly, haha. He seemed to like Vinh & I since we interacted with him while he cooked our dinner in style :)

White peach sake sangria



Colossal mango shrimp with asparagus & yellow bell peppers

Onion volcano ;)

Vinh's last day of studying for his registered dietitian exam. As a reward, we went to Verde to get some boba. He got skinny beauty & I got strawberry pearl milk tea. We also bought fried calamari with sweet potatoes & a strawberry jam toast as snacks, om nom nom!

Skinny beauty & strawberry pearl milk tea

I told Vinh he shouldn't study/cram the day before his exam so we decided to spend a good part of the day at Half Moon Bay just chilling on the beach. We left our home & it was super hot, but by the time we got to the beach, it was really chilly. Good thing Vinh brought his jacket & had two blankets in the car. We ate our lunch & laid on the beach just relaxing. After we decided to walk along the shore, we packed up for home. Of course, I couldn't leave before taking a jumping picture...which happens to look like I'm being blown away with the beach umbrella, haha!

Laying on the cold beach

Walking along the shore after warming up

It looks scary, but I promise you it's not ;)

Of course, a jumping picture :)

Afterwards, Vinh & I went to check out where he'll be taking his exam tomorrow at San Jose City College. It was pretty easy to find surprisingly. Then he drove me to the salon so I could cut 2 inches off my hair, hehe. I went home to shower afterwards & brought him curry for dinner. We went to get froyo at Yogurtland & then called it a night since he needs his sleep. Wish him luck for his exam :)

Also...two days left before I leave the beautiful Bay Area for Trinity County, ahhh!


  1. I love Benihana! YUMMMM! I went for my b-day a few years ago!

    Gorgeous pictures, like always!

  2. P.S - I <3 your jumping pictures!! How do you get high off the ground?! lol

  3. You know we have that SAME exact restaurant here except it's called Sho Gun. I LOVE IT <3 Fantastic Teriyaki chicken!!!!
    Super cute Pics <3 I love the jumping one!!!!!!

  4. Yummy I love shrimp!! Haha, Verde is like my fave place to go for milk tea.

    You're very good at jumping. I fail at those pics.

  5. wow I want that sangria and shrimp!! I am eyepoking you for teasing me yet again with chewy balls tea. You telling Vinh not to study paid off!! Tell him congrats!! That's my fave jumping pic of you ever! You look like you are in Mary Poppins and have just been blown away with your umbrella!!! + You look like you just jumped your body length into the air. Can't wait to see your new hair! You and L both went short for summer haha not meeee giggle :P
    Sorry my internet ditched you last night!!!
    I'll miss my bestie while she has no internet! Love you my gorgeous bestie!