Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Garlic Fries, Teapots & Coach

The Sunnyvale Art & Wine Festival had their last day on the 5th & there was no way I'd miss it (since I'll miss two of them while away in Trinity County). I dragged Vinh out since my bestie couldn't make it. We walked around, looked at all the interesting art & ended up at the food section. When there's a festival, I always crave for garlic fries, om nom nom! They were absolutely delicious & so was Vinh's old-fashioned lemonade :)

Garlic fries & lemonade = love

After the festival, we went back to Vinh's to take a nap & then headed off to Petroglyph to pick up our teapot set! However, we first had to stop by the frozen custard place since Vinh had a craving for that. Then we proceeded to Petroglyph & saw our precious work of art on the shelf immediately. The lady that packaged up our set said we did a great job, hehe. Here are the photos of our precious set (which I enjoy drinking tea out of now) :)

Right side


Left side

Vinh pouring tea into the cup

Happy tea comes from happy cups ;)

Again, I dragged Vinh out along with my sister to go to the Great Mall since I was on a mission: get a Coach bag that was reasonably priced & looked professional enough for fieldwork. Once I found the Coach outlet & walked in, an employee there handed me a 30% coupon for the day! After searching the store & making Vinh impatient, I found the bag I wanted in the 50% off section. The price went from $298 (without tax) to $99.41 (tax included). Talk about big savings, yayyy! Plus, my netbook fit perfectly in this bag so now I am all set for fieldwork :)

Kiyore & Kiyora showing off my new Coach bag


  1. omg, so much awesome! lol.

    I LOVE that tea pot. You and Vinh did an awesome job on that. So cute! ;) I wish we had a place like that around here. I have never heard of a place like that. Awesome! ♥

    I love your new bag! =]

  2. those fries look yummy annie!
    tea-pot very unique:)

    &&& that coach bag is lovely;)

  3. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Love the purse =D

    That tea pot is very cute as well!

  4. Kimbo1:20 PM

    LOVE how the tea pot turned out <3
    Garlic fries are AMAZING!!!

    Love the Coach purse! Super jealous! I want another soooo bad!!!! But I want these coach shoes first LOL

  5. Those garlic friends and lemonade look so good! Damnit, Annie - you always make me hungry! LOL

    That teapot set is SUPER SUPER CUTE!!!

    Cute purse and amazing savings you got! I've never been to a Coach outlet!! I usually shop at the regular Coach store at the mall but it can get pretty pricey!

  6. The teapot turned out so pretty!!! The smiley face inside the cup was a surprise! You made it so cheerful you have to feel good drinking out of it :)
    Your coach bag is simply gorgeous!!! Awesome you got it at such a good deal!!! Kiyore and Kiyora look like they want to stow away in it. ;)
    or they are looking for chocolate haha
    Sounds like you had a fun day! I would have loved to go eat all day at the festival. :P

  7. Yum garlic fries!! OMG that tea set is too cute!! I love the Coach outlet. I have way too many purses from there.