Monday, June 20, 2011

Hanging With Sonya at Filoli

On Friday the 17th, my bestie Sonya came on over to hang out with me before I leave for Trinity County. I decided I wanted to go to Filoli one more time before leaving as well so we set off in that direction. We arrived & walked around the grounds going "how pretty!" at all the flowers that were blooming. We also had fun setting our self timers on the camera to take our photos since there weren't too many people around to ask them to take our dorky photos.

Thankfully no one walked in front of our self-timer cameras

View from the wedding spot

Pretty flowers :)

Tada...dove didn't come out, lol!

ZOMG, the dove came out!

Oh how I love Filoli...

Inside the ballroom

Hello? Anyone there?

After leaving Filoli, Sonya wanted to head to the mall to buy something so we set off there. I also went to go buy my last smoothie for the summer from the guy at Surf City Squeeze *giggle* We walked around with our smoothies & then Sonya dropped me off home so she can beat the traffic home :)


  1. oh WOW.
    This place is WONDERFUL <3

  2. how jealous am I that you get to live so close to Filoli! zomg! The wedding spot!!! I thought they didn't do weddings there?! Could you imagine getting to walk down that?! In your pics I can always imagine Nick there. :P So glad you got to go visit one more time before you're off an away on your adventure! mucho love!