Tuesday, June 14, 2011

High School & Teapots

My baby sister Lonnie graduated from high school on the 9th. Basically, I fried in the sun for a good 3 hours at least. My other sister Helen & I went to walk around the campus to find our old teachers while my mom sat & saved seats for the ceremony. I ran into Sr. Arevalo & of course he still calls me Adela since it was my Spanish name. He was happy to hear I finally got my Masters degree, hehe. Next, I ran into Ms. Levy & Sra. Tarkington & I had a nice chat with them. It is weird since I'm no longer a student of theirs since I am able to say things more freely, haha. After that, we had to rush back since the ceremony would be starting in 20 minutes. Lo & behold, we sat on the wrong side & couldn't get a good shot of our baby getting her diploma :( At least I caught the picture below when she was walking out, haha. While we were waiting for her to get her real diploma, I stopped Mr. Lavelle from walking any further 'til I got a hug. It was nice re-visiting high school, but I would not want to re-live it. Happy graduation baby sister!

Look who got her diploma?!

My childhood friend (whom I consider more like a brother) Steve came home on the 11th after studying abroad in Japan and Taiwan the past 9 months! As promised, we visited him when he got home from the airport & there we finally all got to eat the Pikachu chocolates he sent over from Japan. Fast forward to after supper, he came to visit so he could say hello to my parents, but more importantly, he came so that Helen could buy him the Chipotle burrito she promised him (that he longed for those 9 months away). It was fun catching up with him & that will continue when he comes to visit me in Trinity in a little under 2 weeks!

Vinh & I wanted to make another tea set (for him) before I left for Trinity so we decided to go in on the 10th to decorate it. We were a lot quicker the second time around in painting & decorating, yay! Vinh actually put on some of the little white stars this time. Baby steps to making him like art ;) So here's how our second set turned out pre-firing.

My side

His side

We went & picked up the finished set yesterday & look how awesome it turned out! I am more than pleased with the turnout :)

My side


His side

His & her tea sets

Well that was my past week-ish. I'll be having an adventure tomorrow as I drive down to Santa Maria to hang out with Brenda & Jackie for the whole day! :)


  1. Omg!! Annie these are just too cute I love them makes me wanna go make one!!

  2. Congrats to Lonnie for graduating!!! whoohoo!!! I bet all your previous teachers were super proud of everything you've accomplished!!! yay!
    haha you fried in the sun on the wrong side isn't that always the case :P
    Glad Steve made it back!! It still seems like he just left! You should make him help you move haha
    Your teapot turned out soooo cool!! Add that to our list of things to do :) We 3 need a PAL set!

  3. aww... cute couple teapots! :))

  4. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Congrats to Lonnie on graduating! :D And those teapots are SO adorable!

  5. Anonymous12:03 PM

    LOVE the way the tea sets turned out!!Congrats to your sister as well!!

  6. YAY!!!!!!!!! Congrats to your sister <3
    & I love love that second Tea pot! Turned out super adorable! I wish they had something fun & cool like that here =/