Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lunar Zodiac x2 Birthday

For those of you who are perplexed by the title, lunar zodiac has 12 animals, which is 12 years. Multiply that by 2 & you get 24, which is how old I turned on June 2nd :)

I woke up & took a quick shower before finishing & sending off my apartment application for my Trinity County fieldwork. Every day I am closer to moving out & being completely independent, yikes!

Apartment application ready!

After sending off my application, Vinh came around 10:30ish to pick me up & off we went to Rancho San Antonio for a short walk. We walked to Deer Hollow Farm where we saw 5-week old baby goats. They were so cute! They were jumping on tree stumps, starting to ram heads with each other & running around with their mommies.

O hai there!

After we finished oogling at the baby goats, we decided to head back to the car. As we walked, we saw wild turkeys as well as deer & quails! I haven't seen wild turkey at Rancho since I was in high school so I thought it was pretty cool. Those turkeys were humungous! I tried to get photos of them, but they kept turning their butts to me, pshh...

Vinh wanted to be goofy

I spy a foot (from a runner)!

We went to IHOP for lunch & stuffed ourselves silly with their omelette specials. We waddled out of the restaurant & hopped onto 280 to head to Petroglyph for our little activity. Vinh wanted both of us to try something new for my birthday & we've been wanting to go into Petroglyph for a few weeks now. I decided that we should do a 3-piece teapot & cup set. Vinh did the three coats needed for the inner layer & he let me decorate the teapot & cup to my liking. I decided to do a sky/day theme with a sun & clouds on the teapot top, clouds on the teapot & our names & hills on the cup. Vinh was super proud that he did something artsy & didn't mess anything up, haha. He actually wants to make a night theme with the same ceramic set for next time *gasp* We're picking up the finished piece on Sunday, I'm excited to see how it turned out!

Vinh cleaning up the bumpy paint

Left side of our set

Front side of our set

Right side of our set

After finishing up at Petroglyph, we headed to SJSU real quick so that I could pick up my free t-shirt from SOTA (with my logo on it). I ran into Dr. Wynn & she was all "you can't stay away from this place, huh?" Afterwards, Vinh drove us to Olive Garden for dinner. I ordered myself a strawberry fresco, the first drink I ever had when I turned 21 & it's still as yummy as I remembered it to be. Again, after we stuffed ourselves silly, we headed back to Vinh's where I got to open my present: a HUGE Pucca! I absolutely adored Pucca in high school & he bought me the biggest Pucca I've ever seen :)

Strawberry fresco is love

Vinh's present was the huge Pucca, yayyy!

I woke up semi-early so that I could drive Sonya & myself up to Meridith's house. All three of us planned to go to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk as a late birthday celebration for me. We got semi-lost on the way there, but we managed to find our way & parked at the wharf. We walked around the boardwalk, but I refused to ride any of the rollercoasters much to Meridith's persuasion. We headed back toward the wharf & entered the restaurant we wanted to try for lunch. I ordered a mahi mahi sandwich with potato salad & it was delicious! Meridith paid for my lunch & the parking as my birthday gift (thank you OT Fairy!).

Om nom nom!

We then headed back to Meridith's to chill out on her patio for a bit. We had to pleasure of watching Sophie (pictured below, neighbor's cat) playing with a stick, Sophie & Venus (Meridith's cat) getting into a small cat fight & bugs racing. I ended up driving Meridith to San Jose so that she didn't have to wait for Devin to pick her up to go to their dinner engagement.

Sophie waiting for momma to open the door

After getting back home, Sonya wanted to take me to Q-Cup to get scoop of mango like the old times so we headed off for that. The scoop of mango didn't taste like it used to, but it was still yummy & we had fun hanging around like back in high school :)

Guess what came in the mail today?! My bunny hop earrings from Julu Jewelry! I bought these as a graduation/birthday present for myself. These earrings are so me: pink, hearts & pearl bunnies (my zodiac animal & birthstone).

Bunny hop earrings!

My mom made Helen & I make a "happy anniversary" card for my grandparents (this is before we found out it was for my grandma's birthday). I made it on Photoshop & then we headed to Kinkos to print it out. We were stuck in traffic during non-traffic hours & I was going "what the heck?" when we started to see firemen on the streets collecting money for their charity like they do every year. I looked in my purse & didn't have change sadly. We got to Kinkos & printed the card & decided to go to McDonald's to buy something so that we would have change for the firemen that were taking donations out in the pouring rain. I purposely got into the left turn lane to give the firemen our donation & they were cute. I had to wait at the red light & I spotted a fireman across the intersection taking off his jacket, bahahaa. Eye candy, much? I later called Vinh & told him I saw a sexy fireman strip near the intersection, lol!

Earlier tonight, my whole mom's side had dinner for my grandma's 80th birthday! It was great catching up with the relatives for sure. Glendy & Drew bought me sunflowers as a congrats for graduating (thank you)! I definitely had lots of "Congrats!" from all the fam bam, hehe. I definitely feel loved today despite being all sicky. I got to touch Glendy's 5-month baby bump *giggle* I'm hoping it's a baby boy! I cannot believe how proud everyone is of me for graduating with my Masters, it's insane. As we were leaving, everyone said "Congrats!" again. Also, everyone was surprised that I'm moving in 3 weeks for 3 months, hehe. Dexter was saying how I never age, like I was stuck in a time capsule or something & that it was a good thing. Darn my young face/exterior =P

While we're singing happy birthday :)

Om nom nom mocha cake with strawberry filling & fruit

My pretty sunflowers from Drew & Glendy


  1. Rebecca12:20 AM

    HOW CUTE!!

    I adore sunflowers and OMG chinese bakery cake *drools*

    That teaset is so so so so so CUTE!!! LOVE it!! :D

  2. *laughing* wild turkeys turning their butts on you
    Such cute pics of you and vinh!!
    oh my gosh the tea set you made is absolutely gorgeous and it's my fave color! You guys did such a good job and that was a really neat idea/experience for vinh to do with you!
    awww look at Pucca and Kiyore!!! so cute!

    oh my gosh the sexy fireman stripper rofl... the firemen were collecting here last weekend and I didn't have any change either and they were so cute!! (how is that? rofl) I would hate to be them cause I would so get hit by a car and smooshed.

    Happy Birthday to Grandma!!! How awesome to get to turn 80!!

    Of course everyone is proud of your graduating that is a huge accomplishment and so much hard work. You deserve it all so just take it all in cause you'll never get the feeling back of just graduating! :P

    The cake looks so good!!!! I want some. The sunflowers are so bright and cheerful!!
    I'm glad you had a great bday week! Sorry you're feeling sicky though ;)
    love you!!

  3. Anonymous11:07 AM

    So glad you had an amazing few days Annie! The tea set is adorable and you both did an amazing job on it! Sounds like a great time over all!

  4. You always post the cutest pictures and the most yummy looking food/drink pics too! It's too early for me to be craving a Strawberry fresco. lol

    I love how you and Vinh always seem to be doing fun stuff! :)

  5. Hehe looks like you've been having a lot of fun lately. Yay!! That tea set activity looks really fun. I want to try that too with my bf.

    Good luck on being independent. :D

  6. Kimbo9:09 AM

    LOVE those flowers Annie!
    Looks like you had an awesome weekend & an AWESOME BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

    <3 Congrats again love!

    & LOL at runners Foot!!!!