Saturday, June 18, 2011

Visiting Brenda in Santa Maria

Most of you already know that I drove around 220 miles down to Santa Maria on the 15th to visit the lovely Brenda. We were supposed to see Jackie, too, but her little boy had appendicitis & she couldn't join us unfortunately. After arriving at Brenda's early (yes, bad me for speeding), we headed to San Luis Obispo (SLO). On the way to lunch, we passed by the famous Bubblegum Alley. Talk about a LOT of chewed gum! We had lunch at the Natural Cafe & the food was really yummy. Too bad I felt bloated all day, boo! The pineapple-coconut shake was surprisingly yummy despite it being a weird combo for a shake :)

Bubblegum Alley (yes, that's all gum!)

Soup & salad, pineapple-coconut shake

After finishing up lunch at the Natural Cafe, we walked to Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa for a little photoshoot. Of course, Brenda was not able to resist Kiyore's super cute charm & he was the main photo subject, haha! The mission was a lot smaller than I had imagined, but still pretty nonetheless. Then Brenda drove us to the Dallidet Adobe & Gardens. After preparing to break into Dallidet Adobe & Gardens, we figured out that the place was actually open since we didn't go to the actual entrance first, haha. We were actually quite lucky since it wasn't supposed to be open, but there were people setting up for a wedding there so we got to look around before leaving.

Kiyore on top of an old stove @ Dallidet

Brenda then chauffeured Kiyore & I to CSU Cal Poly SLO to go see the arboretum. It was getting way hot when we got there, but we managed to look around, take a few pictures (yes, a jumping picture was a must) & then we headed back to the car.

Arboretum at Caly Poly SLO

We went back to Brenda's & she started her homemade lemon sorbet. I proceeded to play with Archie, the kitty & I scared him while he was staring out the screen door at the birdies, haha. He totally jumped off the ground, poor kitty. Johnathan came home shortly after the kitty incident & helped Brenda make dinner. We had pasta with the famous eggplant meatballs, roasted pear salad & lemon sorbet *drool* Brenda is the first person to ever succeed in making me eat eggplant & like it ;)

Brenda's famous eggplant meatballs

Brenda's famous roasted pear salad

After resting a little after dinner to let the food settle, Brenda & I went to get ready to go to Cuvee for some champagne & dessert! John kindly drove us there after Brenda asked politely, haha. We each ordered a glass of champagne from their huge list as well as a set of three mini cupcakes. We had two chocolate mini cupcakes & one caramel mini cupcake. Can you say om nom nom?! *drool* I want more of those mini cupcakes please! Throughout the hour there, Brenda was trying to check us into Cuvee, but to no avail. After Brenda, finished her second glass of champagne, we went outside to the playground nearby.

Mini cupcakes: chocolate & caramel *drool*

Our yummy desserts & champagne

After we finished up our champagne & desserts :)

Brenda proceeded to pretend to be a troll & crawled under the bridge on the playground. She be trolling & the parents be staring, haha! We then headed toward the beach & found a slide, which Brenda slid down. She said the last bump on the slide really bumped her off the slide, which I didn't quite believe so I went to slide on the slide. After that, I totally believed that the slide was trying to fling us off, haha! John came & picked us up shortly after & Brenda was finally able to check us into Cuvee...after it closed, haha. 

We got back to their place & the chinchillas were awake! That meant play time for Annie to see if she wants to get chinchillas later. I am more that pleased to say I will be adopting chinchillas in the future *giggle* We headed to bed shortly after Brenda fell asleep on the couch & that would be my adventure with miss zombie queen ;)


  1. Shizuka2:22 AM

    i wanna cuddle kiyore ;w; so cute TAT! I WANT THAT CHOC CARAMEL CUPCAKES omg they are so cuteee!! argh im so jealous :P!

    brenda is gorgeous and you ANNIE! ARE SO CUTE bao bei :D! haha!! I would seriously feel like a little sister when im around u both :P!

    aww no pics of chinchillas? XD!

  2. awesome! looks like you had a great time you both are beautiful :D

  3. Yay! I'm terrible, still haven't even transferred the pictures to the computer. *slap on the wrist*

    I can't believe I've never seen the milkshake menu at Natural Cafe -- it's been chocolate or vanilla for literally the last eight years, lol.

    Also -- SUCCESSFUL EGGPLANT! WOOHOO! If only it LOOKED appetizing in your picture, hehe.

    Yes, you must get chinchillas! And get at least two so they can keep each other entertained :)

    I definitely had a good time, glad you did too :)

  4. SUCH ENVY that you had Zombieh Queen time! I'm glad it was fun though!!

    & Brenda in a dress ='s drool!
    and Dang! I thought B was small! Annie your miniature! ha ha

  5. Brenda looks like a giant... geeez I'm like a super weirdo giant taking pictures!

    those cupcakes look awful nice!! love the dresses! Brenda is a dork as always..

    the food looks yummy too, never had any of it..

  6. what no picture of the cute chinchillas?! haha Sounds like you two had a fun adventure! I want those cupcakes and champagne! yum!!! You both look absolutely gorgeous and I so want Brenda's dinner! yum!!! Can't wait to see your photoshoot pictures and kiyore! He's sucha photo hog haha Kiyoru wants to know why I didn't mail him to you so he could have went on an adventure with Kiyore. :P I told him he wouldn't have liked being squished in an envelope with no air. He's upset cause I always forget him at home... :/

  7. Looks like you had a WONDERFUL time <3
    Food looks AWESOME!