Sunday, July 31, 2011

2 Weeks Ago...

I have been severely slacking on blogging, but you can’t blame me. Midterms are creeping up already, yikes! That being said, I’ll be posting a few blogs so sorry if I spam your feed ;)

Crazy summer weather in Trinity County on the 18th. All throughout the weekend, we kept seeing these puffy gray clouds & wondered if it would actually rain. Come the 18th, we totally got poured on. I went to go with Dr. Anne to go substitute for Anne (there are 3 Anne’s in the agency, lol) in Hayfork. I had fun doing something different on a Monday for a change & getting extra time with Dr. Anne was pretty awesome. I haven’t had as much supervision time as Mike has had with her so I was ecstatic I got to spend time with her for the day. Anyhoo, after getting back to Weaverville, Dr. Anne was like “you never see clouds like that near the mountains ‘cept in the winter time.”

Gloomy, but pretty

On the 19th, Nancy (our admin) baked Mike & I some apple bread which was om nom nom delicious! She was certainly right, you couldn’t help but eat the whole darn loaf in one sitting!

Om nom nom apple bread

On the 20th, I was back in Hayfork doing the crafts group. We ended up doing perler beads & lanyards. We ended up having a lot of fun with our clients in the Horizons (crafts) group. Kiyore liked his present, too :)

Perler beads, origami star & lanyard fish

Kiyore with his perler bead snowflake

While unloading my car of the perler beads on the 21st, the handle on the bucket snapped when I grabbed it & I ended up dropping 13,000 perler beads in our facility’s parking lot. I’m glad no one was there to witness my mortified face when I watched the bucket fall down in slow motion, lol. I ended up picking up most of the beads, but left around 200 in the parking lot. The staff certainly got a kick out of walking into the parking lot & going “OMG, who dropped all those beads?!” Our secretary Kim was all “it must be an OT car.” ;)

Perler beads all over the parking lot!

Finally, on the 23rd, Mike & I went into Redding to go spend some of our stipend on new iPads! I absolutely love my iPad to death. If only I can view documents on it, it would be absolutely perfect. Of course, I don’t really care at this point since I use it for surfing & checking my dailies that I cannot always do at work :P

Organic froyo & a hilarious napkin *giggle*


  1. Those clouds are totally weird!!! You could have shared the apple bread ya know?! It looked so good. Love the crafts you made the keychain is uber cute!
    *dies laughing at you dropping the beads*
    haha nice one ;)

  2. LOL! Dropping beads all over the place, way to go! xD
    I seriously haven't used those perler beads since I was 10 -- and I kinda want to now!

    Are you going to share the recipe for that apple bread? It looks TASTY!