Saturday, July 16, 2011

25% Done Already?!

Week #3 is officially over & that means that I am now 25% done with my fieldwork up here in beautiful Trinity County. I can’t believe how time flies when you’re worked to death, haha. But in all seriousness, I absolutely LOVE the freedom I have to try new things, not be restricted in ideas & make mistakes. Another random thing, but Mike & I are accepted as locals already in Lewiston & we’re always referred to as their “favorite Asians” or “favorite interns.” Just about everyone knows us now :P Anyhoo, here’s a little recap of sorts!

On Saturday, Mike & I planned to go see the art & wine festival at One Maple Winery a few miles from us. Once we got there, we figured it was not worth the $12 to attend since it was so small & frankly looked boring, lol. So we headed into Weaverville & caught a movie instead. We watched Super 8 & I thought it was a really good movie. Not the type of movie I’d normally see, but given that or Transformers 3, I chose Super 8 & it was a good choice ;)

Mike told me that there’d be a band playing at the Lewiston Bar so I said why not & tagged along with him that night. Little did we know that our coworker Rachel would be there, too. Why? Cuz her husband plays the bass in the band that was playing, lol. Needless to say, I met her whole family after the night was over & I got to hear her Scottish accent that she can interchangeably use with her American accent. While Mike went to hide from Rachel due to his slight drunkenness, I was sitting with Susan (Rachel’s family member) & chatted with her for a bit. She told me that in Norway, the word for dirt is “shit,” lol!

Band @ Lewiston Bar

Afterwards, people started to get up & dance, but I didn’t want to since I ran earlier in the morning & about died running uphill. A younger guy named Jonathon basically kept making hand gestures at me to join everyone else on the dance floor. After much resistance, I gave in & actually had fun dancing with mostly older folks, lol! Afterwards, Jonathon asked for my number & Facebook & I totally gave it to him before I realized “oh crap!” Too bad he had already left & I didn’t tell him I was taken, poor kid (he’s like 21). However, he never added me on Facebook or called me so I guess he may be mad at me, lol. I actually cannot believe I stayed out past midnight that night :P

No free Slurpee for Annie this year *pouts* Anyhoo, Mike & I had fun leading a town version of Mafia for our career exploration session with the summer camp kiddos at the reservoir. Basically, the kids in Hayfork come from multi generations of poverty & most do not even know/aspire to go to college or think of getting a job. Mike led the first rowdy group & I led the second mild group, haha. I think the kids have a good idea of what they may want to do in the future now, especially since I made them a little booklet to take with them with resources on how to get on a certain career path! On the way out, we saw this random space shuttle thing & had to stop on the road & take a photo with it, haha!

Hayfork Reservoir

Darn, I landed in Hayfork! :P

Beautiful views on the drive to/from Hayfork

After work, Jon & Kim wanted to go to the Lewiston Hotel & Bar & told us to join them. Jon is our IT guy that comes up from Fresno once (or twice) a month to fix all our technological needs. Kim is our lovely receptionist for our services & basically the most fun person in the whole building, haha. Anyhoo, Mike & I decided why not so we went down for dinner after work. Jon & Kim joined us about 20 minutes later & we had fun chitchatting about everyone at work, haha. Mike & Jon ended up getting The Motivator drink & Kim & I had fun laughing at Jon for nursing that thing for so long. The Motivator is basically a Long Island plus 3 more liquors & one can of Red Bull, ouch!

Mike & Jon drinking their Motivators

Mike, Jon, Kim & I hangin' out after work :)

Once we were done with our dinner, we moved on over to the bar. Kim & I had a Trinity Sunset while the boys ended up getting a Pink Pussy (which also contains like 1/2 a cup of Red Bull). Afterwards, Jon asked Danny (our favorite bartender) for a glass of water. Danny ended up giving him a whole pitcher & Jon drank 1+ pitchers of water by the end of the night, haha! Afterwards, we headed outside to sit by the river for a while & watch the fire dancers practice before calling it a night :P

Fire dancers behind the bar

After hours of doing documentation at work, Mike & I headed home to rest up before going to see the last Harry Potter movie at midnight. The people who watched part one had first dibs on seating, which left us midnighters with icky choices. However, since I was polite & asked a lady, she let me have two seats next to her, which was enough for both Mike & I. Plus, they were awesome seats since it was back center ;) The movie was pretty much awesome! I won't say anything else since it'd end up being spoilers ;)

Now I'm off to the Celebration of Native American Culture & Art Festival :)


  1. wow 25% done!!! Time is flying by! That's so cool that you know everybody now and are locals haha Mike hiding from Rachael rofl!!! Glad to know where shit comes from. rofl!!! The convos you must have had.
    Omg I'm dying that you gave your number and fb to the guy before realizing what you did. ROFL! Poor "kid" we are such oldies now. And then he never used it. ROFL! The spaceship is totally rad!! Alien Annie ;) Where is UFO buddy?
    I want to try all these random drinks from your bar :P
    I've never watched any of the Harry Potter movies. I think the dude who plays Harry is gonna be 80 and still playing him. I thought the last Harry movie to come out was the "last" haha It will never end.

    I hope you are having an amazing time up there!!! Sounds like you are so far!!!!!!!

    Nice drinks you guys got there LOL

    Hopefully the mild group wasn't too hard on you! It's sad to hear that most of those don't even go for jobs... I hope after their camps they have a brighter outlook on their future thanks to you!