Sunday, July 31, 2011

End of Week #5

Vinh came to visit me quite unexpectedly (well slightly late notice) this weekend! He came up from Thursday & left today *sad faces* Anyhoo, since Mike’s family was also up this weekend, Vinh & I had lots of quality time together. Of course, after he left, I feel homesick, boo… Good thing I’m heading home for the weekend next week :)

7/30 – Eureka, Willow Creek & Lewiston Hotel/Bar
Vinh wanted to go to Eureka to check it out for the day so I obliged like a good hostess. I drove all the way to Eureka & when we hit the first traffic light since I left home, I got so impatient waiting those 2-3 minutes, lol. You see, traffic in Trinity County means more than a one minute wait at any intersection (no traffic lights), haha. The drive up to Eureka on 299 was absolutely stunning. I love that Trinity County is feeling like a second home to me. After crossing the county line into Humboldt County, I started getting tired of driving. Good thing we got into Eureka about a half hour later.

Kiyore, Bulbasaur (new friend) & Kiyora

Pretending that I'm not angry at the "traffic"

Gorgeous vista point on 299 to Eureka

I love him for coming to visit me :)

*click to view the vista point scenery*

We had lunch at Hana, a Japanese restaurant that was run by all white folk. I guess I let my temptation of getting my Asian food fix that I walked in without thinking. It was literally Japanese American food, lol! The food was way too pricey for the mediocre food we got, but oh well… Then we headed across to the Samoa Dunes & the beach near that. The water at the beach looked polluted since the water lining was like yellow, gross… Of course across the street from the beach, there was a business park so eh… After being underwhelmed, we headed back to explore Eureka a little more before heading back. We went into the old Eureka & saw these two amazing buildings called the Carson Mansion & Carson House. Some random dude stopped his car in the middle of the street so that he could take a photo for Vinh & I in front of the Carson Mansion, haha!

Chicken with avocado & green onion tempura sushi, lol!

Icky Samoa Dunes area

Beach near Samoa Dunes

Business Park across the street from the beach...

Carson Mansion in Eureka

Carson House in Eureka

While heading back to Trinity County, we decided to stop by Willow Creek. Why? It had a Bigfoot museum, lol! We had a lot more fun at this random little town with its Bigfoot museum than we did in big ol’ Eureka, haha. I am now going to keep a lookout for Bigfoot during the rest of my stay here ;)

Bigfoot is taking me away!

I'm little foot, right Brenda? ;)

I stuck my camera out the window & snapped a shot

After getting back, we took a power nap before heading to the Lewiston Hotel for dinner. Vinh had the New York steak (with beans & a baked potato), which was absolutely to die for. It was almost like a filet mignon *drool* I had my Traveler’s Veggie Trinity Dam Good Pizza, which is always to die for. They make the best pizzas anywhere! After dinner, we headed next door to the Lewiston Bar & bugged…I mean kept Danny company. We ended up getting 2 drinks each: 2 Trinity Apples, 1 Trinity Sunset & 1 Hairy Navel. I absolutely love how the Lewiston Bar is so friendly & the drinks are way cheap (~$3 per drink). Vinh got tipsy by the time he finished his second drink so we headed home before the Highway 3 band went on, haha :P

With our Trinity Apples at the river

Vinh & I almost done with our drinks: Trinity Sunset & Hairy Navel

7/31 – Hayfork & Trinity Lake
I wanted to show Vinh the gorgeous drive through the summit to Hayfork as well as showing that not all little towns in Trinity County are cute/doing ok. Hayfork has multiple generations of families living in poverty. It used to be bigger than Weaverville when the mill there was still running, but since the mill closed, Hayfork has become the so called shit hole (seriously, I’ve heard multiple people say this already) of the county. Anyhoo, I got Vinh carsick on the way in so he didn’t pay as much attention to the gorgeous views, haha. I took him up to see the Ewing Reservoir (where I did the summer camp) & then through the middle of Hayfork before heading back. We stopped along the 3 to take photos of the gorgeous scenes, hehe.

Vinh with his carsick face @ Ewing Reservoir

I've landed safely, whoohoo!

Don't jump Vinh!

*click to enlarge for gorgeous summit view*

Taking photos along Highway 3

My car looks all clean when it isn't, haha

*click to enlarge second summit view*

I give you the summit to Hayfork

We headed to LaGrange Café for brunch since Vinh was craving their eggs benedict from his last visit. After stuffing ourselves silly, I drove us to Trinity Lake so that Vinh could swim in the lake. I ended up just wading in the water since I can’t swim, but the water was so warm compared to the Lewiston Lake/River. We both had fun in the water for about a half hour before heading back to my apartment for a nap. Then I helped Vinh pack up his car so that he could drive home *sniff*

Trinity Lake from our little spot

Look how happy he is swimming in a lake for the first time

His after swimming/tired face @ Trinity Lake


  1. WOW you have gorgeous views there!! Perfect backgrounds for random pics! :P
    The Carson House looks like something out of a fairytale.
    I wanna go to the bigfoot museum! haha
    The drinks from the bar look good you better remember all these different drinks so we can try them out when we hang out again!
    Did you get a new car or is that the one you've always had? It's super cute!
    Looks like Vinh had fun on your random adventures!!
    Miss you!!

  2. Looks beautiful up there!! You guys must've had a lot of fun.

  3. Wow, looks like you guys had a great time! I'm so glad Vinh came to see you, he must be going crazy without you. :P
    Love all the scenery shots; NorCal sure is gorgeous! John's grandparents live in Eureka...wonder if you were anywhere near? If we go up to visit them, maybe I'll escape for a day and come see you. xD

    And yes, your feet are DINKY!