Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lewiston Apartment

Y'all probably thought I died out in the boonies, didn't ya? Admit it, haha ;) Anyhoo, I've been crazy busy since I moved here, but I have a little time to update while I'm at the Lewiston Bar (yes, I'm at a bar using their internet).

My front door

Left side of my living room

My desk on the right side of my living room

My desk

My kitchen

My bathroom

Close up of my bathing area ;)

Grab bars & a shower bench in my shower!

My bedroom

Kiyore says hi :)

Until I have more free time, cya! :)


  1. hahaha died out in the boonies :P
    Yay I'm glad to finally see pics of your apartment!! Kiyore looks right at home on his hershey bar pillow haha
    It looks really nice! :)
    I miss ya but glad you are having a good time out in the boonies!
    Love you!!!

  2. i might have to say that is the smallest kitchen i've ever seen..

    at least the bar has the internet.. its not the true boonies, if there is internet, lol..

  3. OMG! I thought you did die! :P
    Your apartment is really cute -- you're lucky to have an oven though! So many little places will just skimp on that and say a microwave and stovetop is sufficient.

    More posts please! :D We're all dying to know how life is!

  4. LOOKS FAB Annie <3
    I hope you are enjoying yourself up there! Let me know when you visit Mt. Shasta & Redding =D
    I hope you have a BLAST! Mt. Shasta is BEAUTIFUL this time of the year! Miss ya doll!!!!