Saturday, July 9, 2011

Redneck 4th of July

Caution: novel below! But I had an AWESOME true Americana/redneck 4th of July up in Trinity County ;)

Fast forward to after work & I’m waiting for Vinh to pull up in front of my work building. He gets there about 30 minutes late, but there was “traffic” (I’m being sarcastic since traffic here means waiting over 1 minute, lol) getting up here. We all head over to the Sawmill for dinner. It was kinda pricey, but their shrimp salad was soooo good.

Om nom nom :)

Afterwards, we drove back to my place so that Vinh could unload everything. He brought me a microwave & toaster oven (his aunt bought for me), yay! I can now make toast & have microwavable dinners if I get super lazy, haha. After unloading and taking a shower, Mike & I wanted to show Vinh our favorite hangout spot, the Lewiston Hotel/bar. My favorite bartender Danny was working that night so I asked him to make me his version of a Trinity sunset (a local joke & my favorite drink now). We ended up getting two & Vinh got buzzed after the second one since Danny totally spiced up the alcohol content on that one, haha! We got to sit by the river out behind the hotel & just enjoy the gorgeous scenery.

River behind the Lewiston Bar

Vinh & Mike having a date without me ;)

Vinh also got to meet two of my favorite locals that night, Scott & Luani, who live like two houses away from the hotel. We all got to discussing man rules & woman rules for the restroom, lol! Why you ask? Here’s why: I had a restroom incident while Scott was waiting to use the men’s restroom. While I was using the ladie’s room, some random chick started banging on the door saying “___ you in there?” I yelled saying I wasn’t whoever she thought I was, but she kept on banging on my door. I opened the door after I was done & she gave an “oh shit” face realizing I wasn’t who she thought I was. She was all “I’m sorry, someone told me my mom was in there *walks off*” Scott said he had my back if it turned into a bar fight, but it did get him talking about man/woman rules for the restroom & other public places, haha.

Annie finally got to sleep in! Anyhoo, we spent a good chunk of the day in Weaverville. After lunch at the Garden Café (which is my favorite place to eat now), Mike & I took Vinh to go see the Joss House. Luckily, we got Jack Frost for our curator. Mike & I met Jack our first full day in Weaverville & he let us see the Joss House for free. Again, Jack let all of us go along with his tour for free & let Mike pray as well.

Bridge over to the Joss House

Joss House

Altar inside the Joss House that are over 100 years old

Ceiling from the inside

For festivals & the like :)

Isn't that cool? Maybe s/he was my long lost ancestor :)

Afterwards, we walked towards the Blacksmith shop. It was so friggin’ hot in there with our 100F weather & the people working inside with fire. It was sweltering to say the least. Shortly after, Devin called saying that they were leaving Redding so we all left to meet them at Lewiston.

Jumping pic is a must!

Inside the blacksmith shop

Once they were all unpacked in my apartment, we decided to go up to the Trinity Dam. It was nice & cool up there so we stayed for a few minutes just taking in the gorgeous view.

Trinity Lake

We went to the Mountain Grill for dinner. Once dinner was over, we had to show Meridith & Devin our favorite hangout spot, too. We had a fun time hanging at the bar with the locals for the night. Granted I had to sit through people smoking pot (which btw, I’m living in the middle of the Emerald Triangle), I had a fun time chatting & laughing with everyone :)

Another sleep-in day, yay! Once we all got ready, we decided to hit Browns Mountain Road, which is a dirt road & a back way to Weaverville. We had fun 4-wheeling through to Weaverville to say the least ;)

Dirt flying behind the jeep

Gorgeous view from Browns Mountain Road

We went to LaGrange Café for lunch & actually found that they were still doing brunch, all you can eat from the menu as well as salad/dessert bar for $10.95. Score! Their country fried hash browns were to die for *drool* After stuffing ourselves silly, we walked around Weaverville & showed the guests all the sights. We all went into the Sawmill & Blacksmith shop more in-depth as well as visit the town’s museum. We learned how they sifted & made gold bars, how they cut wood the old-fashioned way & watching blacksmiths do their work.

Behind the blacksmith shop

Where's Waldo? ;)

Machine to make gold bars back in the days

Queen of Weaverville, jk jk :)

Do you see the smoke circles? ;)

Weaverville decked out for the 4th

Then we headed back to Lewiston via Browns Mountain Road again. However, we decided to go off the main road & onto some jeep roads, which frankly was thrilling, but also scared the heck out of me!

Riding back in the jeep

We kinda went off-roading ;)

We got ready & headed back to Weaverville for the tri-tip & chicken dinner over at Lowden Park. Mike went to go pickup his client while the rest of us wandered around the little fair in Lowden Park. We got to talk to Mike’s client a little bit before he wanted to go home. While Mike drove his client home, Meridith & I went to get feather extensions in our hair, yay! Afterwards, we went looking for the boys who went to go watch the Destruction Derby. I quite liked watching the derby & cannot wait for the next one at the county faire next month, lol. We also ran into Danny at the faire after the derby (he’s a stalker, jk jk) :P

My feather extensions

Us watching the destruction derby

After Destruction Derby was over with, we headed to the New York Saloon for a drink. Vinh & I talked to this guy named Jesse & he talked about all sorts of things, such as being a contractor, going green, Trinity County, etc.

Dirty Monkey ;)

I love it!

After everyone finished their drinks, we headed back to Lowden Park so that we could watch the fireworks being shot off at the elementary school. Vinh & I decided to lay on the roof of my car. We were hecka close to the fireworks. In fact, we were so close that after the firework went off, the paper pieces would fall on us later, haha :)

Laying on top watching the fireworks

Vinh & I woke up bright & early at 5am to go see the anvil firing in Weaverville. Meridith was also awake somehow & not hungover so she joined us on the ride back to Lowden Park. You see, Weaverville doesn’t have a cannon to shoot off. So to make up for it, they fill up gun powder in the hole of the anvil, cover it with pokercards, place another anvil over it, light up the gunpowder & BOOM! It literally scared the heck out of me the first time cuz it sounded like a real cannon shooting off, lol. Meridith & I decided that we wanted to blow that darn thing up & wake up all of Weaverville, too. You can watch the video below for that ;)

After we fired that anvil & woke up everyone ;)

Afterwards, we headed to the all you can eat pancake breakfast (which we paid $4 & got a cool button, too) & ate enough to keep us awake on the ride home to Lewiston. We got home & decided we needed to sleep some more before re-starting our day. It was a much needed 3-hour nap for sure. Then we got up, Meridith & Devin packed up all their things & we headed back to Weaverville to get some coffee at Mama Llama. Meridith & Devin left after coffee while the rest of us stayed out in the heat to watch the 4th of July Parade. That was my 4th of July weekend folks :)

*click to enlarge*

Gotta have a Harley in there ;)

Getting blinded during the parade

The calvary is here ;)

Hippie van :)

American tootsie :)

Flag flying over the parade

I want her car ;)

Lewiston's firetruck ;)

That's our community bus, lol!

Look at all the vintage cars

G'bye parade


  1. Shizuka2:04 AM

    OAO......... I like your hair Annie *A* it looks so cute on you hehehe!

    your pictures always make me smile XD this is so fun :D!

  2. Vinh is so funny. "traffic" haha Vinh and Mike make such a cute couple rofl
    There are such nice people where you are at!
    The jumping pic was super cool with the circle thing!
    And WOW is Trinity Lake pretty or what?!
    You finally got to go jeepin down an old dirt road! it's fun hunh?!
    Your new hair cut is soo cool!! You have bangs!!!!
    I'm glad you are having a good time besides working your butt off. haha You even have your own personal stalker! jk!
    Your fireworks vid turned out really good! "Meridith was also awake somehow & not hungover " I'm dying she sounds so fun. :P
    Small towns have the best and funnest stuff to do!!! whoo hoo Happy 4th!!! Miss ya!