Sunday, August 21, 2011

Trinity Fieldwork Week #6-7

My how the weeks fly by & I don’t take the proper time to blog, haha. This will probably be a fairly short entry since I don’t remember everything that went on :P

On Monday, one of the students from my TA class came to visit me at work since she was interested in applying for next year. I gave her the tour of the facilities & introduced her to some of the staff. It was cool to see another OT student around for once, I’m not gonna lie :P

Mike, Monica & I @ TCBHS

On Tuesday, Alpine House (the board & care home I run a group at) had their one year anniversary & held an open house. I got to go for like 5 minutes for the official open house & met some of the people that own/run (the business people) the house. Then I had to run off to do the group at Juvenile Hall, but came back afterwards per the house mother’s request to help eat all the food. Of course I happily obliged to eat the food, om nom nom. I learned 2 new goodies: one to make my strawberries yummy & a new yummy fruit punch (to be posted another time).

Om nom nom sugar cookies & strawberries

On Thursday, I did my usual crafts group to help build leadership skills for one of my clients. We did perler beads & my pink/purple snowflake rocked, haha. Then I went to Brad’s office to do my weekly biofeedback session. I apparently did super well since he gave me an acorn, lol. Biofeedback totally helps me relax after a long Thursday :)

Perler bead snowflake I made & acorn from Brad

On Friday, I headed home after finding out my last group was cancelled. I rushed home & made Vinh take me to eat Korean BBQ *drool* The next day was spent with my family, going out for dim sum, getting pearl milk tea with the sisters & Steve, & having yummy Chinese with my family & grandparents. Then I headed over to San Jose to spend the night with Vinh. He drove me to get some yogurt at Yogurtland before dropping me home for lunch. Yogurtland had a Sanrio promo & they had the cutest shirt that I had to buy. I also grabbed a yogurt cup for Kim (secretary at my fieldwork site) since I knew she was obsessed with Hello Kitty, haha. I had lunch at home & then my mom packed a huge cooler of Asian goodies before headed back to Trinity County :P

Yogurtland & their awesome Sanrio promo

On Tuesday, I got my midterm evaluation from Dr. Anne & I passed with a 106 (passing is a 90)! I actually gave myself a 94 & she was like “you know you do that well, give yourself more credit” :P The only major thing that I need to work on is being more confident & assertive, which I totally knew right off the bat anyways, haha. I am SUPER happy with my midterm score, it totally made my day :)

On Friday, Mike & I went to dinner at the Lewiston Hotel & finally tried their brownie tower dessert! Holy om nom nom-ness! It was friggin’ delicious & made me feel super fat afterwards, but it was so worth it *drool* Meridith & Devin showed up a half hour past midnight so that we could go camping during the weekend.

Brownie Tower from Lewiston Hotel

Sally (RN at fieldwork site) suggested we go up to Ripstein in Junction City to go camping since there were several creeks & waterfalls there to hike to. It was absolutely gorgeous up there. We went on a 6-mile roundtrip hike & I did it all in flip flops, lol. The first 3 miles were all uphill so talk about killer. We reached the end of the 3 miles to a place called the Sinks, which was basically a little swimming area. It was super nice to just soak my feet & cool off my waterbottle for a bit. Then we headed back & made dinner. Mike & Meridith went for a swim in the creek (crazy people risking hypothermia) while I watched our booze so that it cooled off in the water. We headed back to camp to mix drinks, make smores & well get kinda drunk, lol. We all slept in the same tent & I barely slept at all, go figure. But at least I can say I survived my first camping experience!

Ghetto gas pump, haha

View on the hike to the Sinks

The Sinks

Leaving the Sinks

Creek near our campsite @ Ripstein

Our campsite

Meridith & I burned all the expired marshmallows

The next day, we headed to the Gonpa in Junction City, which is a big Tibetan Buddhist Temple. It is so big that one of the Llamas from Tibet has visited it quite a few times before his death. They have these really cool prayer wheels outside (see panoramic photo below). After visiting the Gonpa, we went to get brunch before Meridith & Devin had to head back. Mike & I went to watch the Rise of the Planet of the Apes after dinner & I liked it (& sexy James Franco, too), haha. Gotta love eye candy before bedtime ;)

Morning after camping, haha

Motorized prayer wheels @ the Gonpa

Pond @ the Gonpa

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  1. Congratulations on passing your midterm!!! I'm so happy you're loving it up there! Everyone seems so incredibly nice! No fair you posting pics of all that yummy food!!! It always makes me hungry!
    I can't believe you went camping! It looked like so much fun! I've never been camping before haha The views you had were like totally gorgeous!! James Franco in the ape movie! I can't wait to rent :)
    Miss you like crazy bestie but I'm glad you are still surviving the boonies! :P